Will There be a Downton Abbey Movie Sequel?

Downton Abbey‘ is one of the most popular shows that enjoys an enormous fan base. It also holds the record of being the most nominated international show at the Emmy Awards. The series has gone on for a long time and the showrunners decided to finally give in to the demands of the audience and the fans and give them the movie that they always wanted.

The ‘Downton Abbey‘ movie is set in 1927 and shows the king and queen of England on an official visit to Downton Abbey, the Crawley family’s household in the Yorkshire countryside. Even as the Royal Staff begin to arrive, danger is afoot as an assassin shows up to execute the monarch. Despite this, a lot of drama comes from the face-off between the royal entourage and the family and servants at Downton Abbey. Complicating matters further is the fact that the Queen’s Lady-in-Waiting happens to be related to the family and has fallen out with the Dowager Countess over an issue regarding inheritance.

Upon release, the movie has been well received, with critics praising how the elements of the show have been included to make the fans feel at home. Much of the cast from the series has also returned to the movie. Naturally, fans must be wondering if the people behind the film will be following it up with a sequel, and we are here to answer that by telling you all we know about the sequel to ‘Downton Abbey’.

Downton Abbey 2 Plot: What We Know So Far?

Before we get to the sequel of ‘Downton Abbey’, you must know what happens in the movie itself. In brief, the king and queen decide to visit Downton Abbey as part of their tour of the countryside. All is well except for the fact that the queen’s lady in waiting has a tiff with the Dowager Countess over an issue of inheritance, where the latter is displeased with the former for choosing her maid, Lucy, over Robert. When the royal entourage arrives, there is a lot of drama including a potential assassination attempt on the king’s life. However, even more drama ensues between the members of the Royal Staff and those serving at Downton Abbey. The latter party wins out with an ingenious plan.

Towards the end of the movie, the tiff between Maud and Violet is resolved as the latter realizes that Lucy is the former’s daughter, and naming her in the inheritance was an act of love rather than an attempt to cheat Robert out of his share. We also see love blooming between Tom and Lucy, as they share a dance on the terrace. The king and queen’s visit goes well as they allow Bertie Pelham, the Marquess of Hexham, to stay back with his pregnant wife Edith, instead of going on a tour of Africa for three months with the Prince of Wales. Mr. Carson, the butler, is also seen agreeing with his wife, Mrs. Hughes, that the Crawley family will continue living in Downton Abbey for a long long time.

So, what could the sequel be about? Well, the ‘Downton Abbey’ sequel could pick up where the movie leaves off the plot. Violet announces that she is ill and does not have a long time left. Thus, we could see the family mourning the death of the Dowager Countess in the film. Tom and Lucy’s romance could be allowed to play out and she might become a resident of Downton Abbey. Bertie and Edith’s story could also become one of the points of focus as they welcome a child in the world and have to raise it together. Most importantly, with Violet’s death, someone has to step up to be in control of Downton Abbey, since she was the family matriarch. A lot of drama is expected to be woven around the plot of whether her son, Robert Crawley, steps up to the part. There could be some new characters who are introduced, while we are bound to see some familiar faces, like Mr. Carson, who rightly predicted that the Crawley family would be staying in Downton Abbey for the considerable future.

Alternately, ‘Downton Abbey’ could take a completely different route and show how the king and queen’s tour goes on across the country. However, knowing how much fans like the original cast that they saw in the show, this seems like an unlikely possibility that filmmakers would want to explore unless they were aiming for a spin-off instead of a sequel. Overall, the sequel will definitely include many subplots in order to have yet another dramatic tale revolving around the residents and staff at Downton Abbey.

Downton Abbey 2 Cast: Who Is Going To Be In It?

The cast of ‘Downton Abbey’ has remained the same mostly, with a few additions. Some of the cast members we can expect in the sequel include Hugh Bonneville, who plays the role of Robert Crawley, the Earl of Grantham. Elizabeth McGovern as Cora, the Countess will also probably return and step into a larger role, with the possible demise of Violet. Maggie Smith might not return as Violet if the sequel chooses to show her as already deceased. Laura Carmichael and Harry Hadden-Paton will probably be returning as Edith and Bertie as we see them welcoming a child into the world. We will also most likely see Allen Leech as Tom Branson and Tuppence Middleton as Lucy Smith. Both Tom and Lucy shared a blooming romance in the movie, which might very well be explored in the sequel.

Apart from that, we have to wait and see if the staff members of Downton Abbey remain the same or if new characters are added to make things interesting. However, some constants like Jim Carter as Charles Carson can be expected among the cast members.

Downton Abbey 2 Crew: Who Is Behind It?

Michael Engler has helmed the ‘Downton Abbey’ movie with Julian Fellowes, the show’s creator, writing the screenplay. Ben Smithard is the cinematographer on the project. In the sequel, the same team could be back, as they have already expressed an interest to work on another movie based on the reviews that the first film gets. However, we have to wait and see if there is any change in the crew since that would mean that the sequel would be handled in a uniquely different manner.

Downton Abbey 2 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

A sequel to ‘Downton Abbey’ has not been greenlit yet, but the people behind the movie have expressed enthusiasm at the talks of a sequel. They have said, “We’ve got some ideas of things we would explore if we were in the lucky position that that comes about, but it all depends on the next few days. We like to think we live in democratic times and it’s all about the fans and the audience — if they love this and watch it, well then, we’re out to do more. Anyway, whatever happens, I hope people love it. The timing is just right. A three-year gap from such loved characters is quite a time, and I think people have so missed them, and they’re as good as they ever were, and more.”

Thus, there is a good chance for the film to get a sequel. Optimistically speaking, you can expect ‘Downton Abbey’ 2 to release sometime in 2021.

Downton Abbey Trailer:

Obviously, the sequel to ‘Downton Abbey’ does not have a trailer yet. So you can check out the trailer for the first ‘Downton Abbey’ film.

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