Dr. Brain Episode 5 Release Date, Time, and Spoilers

Created by Jee-woon Kim, ‘Dr. Brain’ is a South Korean sci-fi thriller series. It revolves around the brilliant brain scientist Sewon, who has lost almost all family members to terrible tragedies. After discovering that his son, Doyoon, who is believed to have died in a fire, might be still alive, Sewon embarks on a perilous journey to learn the truth.

Sewon has developed a method to sync his brain with that of the deceased. He uses it to access the memories of his comatose wife, her dead lover, the assassin who killed the lover and later died in a police shootout, and the private detective that the lover hired and realizes that there is an intricate conspiracy surrounding his family. If you are wondering what is in store for you in the next episode, we got you covered.

Dr. Brain Episode 5 Release Date

‘Dr. Brain’ episode 5 is set to premiere in the US on Friday, December 3, 2021 (Saturday, December 4, South Korea) at 12 a.m. PT on Apple TV+. The show’s first season comprises six episodes.

Where to Watch Dr. Brain Episode 5 Online?

‘Dr. Brain’ episode 5 can be watched on Apple TV+. Viewers can watch ‘Dr. Brain’ or any other Apple TV+ series on the platform with the 7-day free trial. After that, a subscription costs $4.99 per month.

Dr. Brain Episode 5 Spoilers

In episode 5 or ‘Chapter 5,’ Sewon might realize that Dr. Myung is part of the conspiracy. Using the ability he gained while syncing his brain with Mika, the cat, he can escape from the clinic and visit the elderly doctor. Meanwhile, Jiun and her partner will probably find Namil, but one of them might die during their encounter with the assassin.

It is possible that Dr. Myung took Sewon in after his mother’s death, and he grew up at his home, learning about quantum mechanics and hypothesizing about its possible application in the communication between brains. If Sewon confronts the man who raised him, he will learn the latter’s nefarious plans about Doyoon.

Dr. Brain Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 or ‘Chapter 4’ opens with Seejin giving Sewon the drawing she made of Doyoon. There is a large butterfly with its wings spread. Wilted leaves of fall can be seen on one of the wings, while in another Doyoon is depicted standing with a woman with short hair. With Kangmu’s help, Sewon realizes that he must go to the vacation home where Doyoon was last seen. He contacts Jiun to tell her to look for Namil, who he believes is involved in all this.

While visiting the vacation home, Sewon discovers that Jaeyi invited Junki and Seejin there. Later in the evening, he builds a fire, triggering Jaeyi and Taegu’s memories in his mind. He discovers that the two assassins were there. They not only caused the fire but also switched Doyoon with another boy of similar age. He then digs up what is supposed to be his son’s grave to collect DNA samples to prove that his son is indeed alive.

Meanwhile, Jiun nearly catches the remaining assassin while visiting Namil’s mother’s home. She and her partner then travel to Hapchen, hoping to get to Namil before the assassin. Sewon visits Saera Children’s Clinic, where his son was being treated. When he spots a butterfly sticker on a window, he realizes that it is there that Seejin saw Doyoon the last time. He finds his way to the office of his son’s doctor. After she leaves to inform her superiors that Sewon is there, the latter finds a framed photograph of the doctor with Namil, Secretary Yoon, Dr. Myung from his childhood, and several others.

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