Dragon Maid Season 2 Episode 12 Release Date and Spoilers

‘Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid’ or ‘Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon’ is a fantasy comedy TV anime that is based on a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Cool-kyou Shinja. The series centers upon a stoic corporate worker named Kobayashi, who saves the life of Tooru, a dragon, during a drunken excursion into the mountains. The compassionate and kind gesture of the protagonist touches Tooru, who decides to repay her kindness by becoming her maid. It marks the beginning of a life-changing relationship between the two, but the dragon’s presence also ends up inviting other mythical creatures to Kobayashi.

Season 1 of the anime aired from January 12, 2017, to April 6, 2017, while the latest installment, which comprises 12 episodes released on July 8, 2021. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming episode of the fantasy comedy series.

Dragon Maid Season 2 Episode 12 Release Date

‘Dragon Maid’ season 2 episode 12, titled ‘Life is Constant Change (But It’s Okay To Stop And Appreciate It),’ is slated to release on September 23, 2021, in Japan. It will air on ABC, Tokyo MX, TV Aichi, and BS11 at various times. The series was developed by Kyoto Animation, with Tatsuya Ishihara and Yasuhiro Takemoto helming the directorial team and Yuka Yamada overseeing the scripts.

Masumi Itou has served as the music composer for the show, while Miku Kadowaki has handled the character design. The opening theme track, “Ai no Supreme,” is performed by Fhána, and the ending theme track, “Maid with Dragons❤︎,” is sung by Super Chorogonzu.

Where to Watch Dragon Maid Season 2?

Crunchyroll has licensed the fantasy series for streaming outside Asia. You can head here to watch the show with original Japanese audio and English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese subtitles. The latest episodes are also accessible on anime streaming platforms such as Wakanim, VRV, and Bilibili.

Dragon Maid Season 2 Episode 12 Spoilers

In episode 12, after spending the entire day studying the maintenance holes and watching out for rain with Kanna, the following morning, Kobayashi develops severe back pain. However, she believes that it is a result of working for long hours in the office and her terrible sitting position. However, when she tries to alleviate the pain by asking for Ilulu and Kanna’s help, the massages she gets ultimately make little difference. Meanwhile, Tooru goes to her world searching for medicine that could help Kobayashi but returns empty-handed only to realize that she can use her tail to massage her friend.

The idea works like a charm, and the protagonist’s lower back pain disappears instantly. When Kobayashi learns that there are striking similarities between coding languages and magic, she decides to get a better understanding of the latter. For that, she learns about Tooru’s past from the Emperor of Demise. However, she ultimately listens to the story from the perspective of her dragon friend as well to have a better understanding. In episode 12, the corporate worker’s life and her dragon friend will be changed forever by an unexpected event. Tooru may be worried by a perplexing decision that she has to make.

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