Dream Home Makeover Season 3: Everything We Know

Dream Home Makeover’ is a Netflix original that premiered on the streaming platform on October 16, 2020. The reality television series follows the real-life couple Shea and Syd McGee, who design and tailor spaces to make dream homes for real families, no matter how big or small the budget is. Home improvement shows are an evergreen concept as people constantly look to upgrade or redo their personal spaces to reflect their own style and suit their comfort. The McGees continue to garner a huge following not only because of their aesthetic sense but also because they are a perfect picture of a harmonious family. Surely fans are excited to know if and when they can get their hands on season 3. Here is all that you need to know!

Dream Home Makeover Season 3 Release Date

‘Dream Home Makeover’ season 2 released on January 1, 2021, on Netflix. Season 2 consists of six episodes with a runtime of 25-28 minutes each.

As for season 3, no official announcement has been made yet but seeing how the series continues to gain popularity, it will come as no surprise if a third installment is commissioned. Even though season 1 premiered in October 2020, season 2 was released only a couple of months later, which means that fans may not have to wait that long for season 3 if the show is renewed. Since home improvement shows are a hot and live concept, another season seems plausible. In case that happens, we can expect ‘Dream Home Makeover’ season 3 to release in the summer 2021.

Dream Home Makeover Season 3 Hosts

The real-life couple, Shea McGee and Syd McGee have two businesses. Studio McGee is an interior design firm with almost 100 employees, whereas McGee & Co. is a furniture and decor business. It all started when Shea designed the first home in 2013 and started posting photographs on Instagram. Soon, family and friends began to notice and love her work, which eventually brought in paying clients. The couple has their work neatly divided. While Shea is in charge of the creative aspect, Syd is the CEO of both businesses. The couple works with their team, which designs and carries out the remodeling work on the ground.

Shea and Syd are also parents to two little girls Wren and Ivy, who we see in the series every now and then. Since each episode brings a different remodeling project, we continue to see new clients in every episode. If the show is renewed for another season, we will see Shea and Syd return with their team to work for a fresh set of clients.

What Can Dream Home Makeover Season 3 be About?

Each episode of the series revolves around one project, ranging from a specific part of a house to maybe even a whole property. Shea and Syd visit the clients’ homes, where they take a look at the space they will be working on. They try to understand what the clients are looking for in a particular space through conversations and site visits. Being parents themselves, they know the importance of functionality and comfort, which strongly shapes the ideas for the makeovers.

In season 2, we see them working on multiple projects, where they build up a house for a former NBA player, Travis Hansen, a family room in the mountain retreat home for the Chiu family, and the master bathroom for the Winkelman family, among others. While they work on their clients’ projects, they also find ways to do up their own place that they have recently moved to. If there is a season 3, we will see Shea and Syd transform a new set of spaces and properties into a thing of dreams.

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