‘Dumbo’: Cast, Plot, Release Date, Trailer, News

‘Dumbo’ is an upcoming American fantasy adventure film directed by Tim Burton, with a screenplay written by Ehren Kruger. It is based upon a story written by Helen Aberson, and is loosely inspired by Walt Disney’s 1941 animated film of the same name.

‘Dumbo’ Cast:

The movie stars Colin Farrell as Holt Farrier, Michael Keaton as V. A. Vandevere, Danny DeVito as Max Medici, Eva Green as Colette Marchan, Alan Arkin as J. Griffin Remington, Nico Parker as Milly Farrier, Finley Hobbins as Joe Farrier, DeObia Oparei as Rongo, Joseph Gatt as Neils Skellig, Sharon Rooney as Miss Atlantis. According to recent media reports, Roshan Seth and Douglas Reith are expected to appear in undisclosed roles.

‘Dumbo’ Plot:

The original Dumbo was a Disney’s animated film feature, and its story was fairly simple and lucid. Dumbo, an elephant, is born and mistreated due to his abnormally large ears and is befriended by a mouse who then helps him discover his talent for flight which the ears provide. This makes Dumbo a circus star. However, a lot is expected from the new movie which might be adding a lot to the story, primarily through new human characters and entirely different screenplay and storyline.

This version of ‘Dumbo’ will primarily focus on a character named Holt Ferrier, a former circus star who is now a different man having returned from war. He is hired by circus owner Max Medici to take care of Dumbo, a newborn elephant who is a laughing-stock of the circus due to his oversized ears. However, after Holt’s children discover that Dumbo can fly, entrepreneur V.A. Vandevere and aerialist Colette Marchant enter the scene as they see a huge business opportunity in Dumbo.

‘Dumbo’ Release Date:

The film is scheduled to be released in the United States on March 29, 2019. It will be released in Disney Digital 3-D, Real D 3D, and IMAX 3D. Principal photography on Dumbo commenced in July 2017, in the United Kingdom, and concluded in November 2017.

‘Dumbo’ Trailer:

The first teaser trailer was released on June 13, 2018.