Preview: Dynasty S03 E19

A show where nobody can be trusted, and everybody has their angles? Yes, ‘Dynasty‘ brings you a heightened degree of intrigue as infighting among family members leads to enjoyable moments of drama. Currently, on Season 3, we have seen relationships being forged and broken, as truths come to light, and shocking revelations make themselves known.

The last episode sees Fallon facing the backlash of an internet mob, which calls for her to be canceled. It is not exactly easy for Fallon to bounce back after the onslaught. Curious to find out what happens in the latest episode? We have the rundown, apart from information about when and where to watch the upcoming episode.

When is Dynasty Season 3 Episode 19 Release Date?

‘Dynasty’ Season 3 Episode 19 is not releasing next week, so fans have to wait a bit. However, the episode is slated to air on May 1, 2020, at 9/8c on The CW.

Where to Stream Dynasty Season 3 Episode 19 Online?

‘Dynasty’ airs on The CW, so the simplest way to watch the show would be with a cable subscription. However, a lot of people might not have cable, in which case you can head to The CW app or site to stream the episodes.

Since cord-cutters are on the rise, options have been made available to them as well. You can head to Fubo TV and watch the latest episodes. The platform offers a free trial period before charging you for services. Amazon Prime users can buy and stream the episodes.

If you are a Netflix subscriber, you can watch the last two seasons of ‘Dynasty.’

Dynasty Season 3 Episode 19 Spoilers:

The upcoming episode is titled “Robin Hood Rescues.” The name is intriguing in itself because most characters in ‘Dynasty’ don’t think much about giving to the poor. The premise follows Adam and Liam rushing to Blake’s aid. Sam and Anders get a special visit, while Fallon looks at the legal repercussions of her actions.

Vanessa and Dominique look at what’s ahead for them, after their success. Meanwhile, Cristal has to make a dangerous decision. If all this doesn’t sound exciting enough, the upcoming episode includes Danny Trejo appearing as himself. Check out the promo below.

Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18 Recap:

The episode of ‘Dynasty’ proves that nobody is immune to temptation. Either they throw money at it or apologize for their human weakness. Adam seems to be the only exception, who’s decided to walk on a righteous path after his liver surgery. Kirby questions whether Adam’s brain was revived.

Indeed, to see Adam as an authentic man is jarring. Elsewhere, Colby and Sammy genuinely get along, which is refreshing since the former does not mix well with people at the mansion. Mia’s entrance into Colby’s bar could hint at a larger plan. However, for now, she remains unquantifiable.

We see Cristal ended up sleeping with a priest. Despite trying to be a better person, she’s crossed a line by cheating. Moreover, she does it with a man of god. Meanwhile, Fallon helps Culhane get revenge against Vanessa and Dominique. The members are up to their usual antics in this episode, and it remains to be seen what unfurls in the next installment.

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