Dynasty Season 4 Episode 19: What to Expect?

In episode 18 of ‘Dynasty’ season 4, Cristal’s brother Beto makes an entry after a long period of unannounced disappearance. His primary objective is to seek control over his father, and now, he wants Cristal to side with him. Fallon, in the meantime, is unsure about the person Amanda is. For an overall picture of this week’s episode, you can refer to our recap. Now, you can check out what ‘Dynasty’ season 4 episode 19 has in store!

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 19 Release Date

‘Dynasty’ season 4 episode 19 is scheduled to release on September 17, 2021, at 9 pm ET on The CW. The show rolls out new episodes every Friday. The fourth season comprises 22 episodes that run for approximately 42 minutes each.

Where to Watch Dynasty Season 4 Episode 19 Online?

You can catch ‘Dynasty’ season 4 episode 19 when it airs on The CW at the given date and time. If you miss the TV broadcast, you can go to The CW’s official website or The CW app, where new episodes land after they finish screening on the network. In addition, you can even live-stream the upcoming episode on YouTube TVSpectrum on DemandDirecTVHulu+Live TV, and FuboTV.

Moreover, episodes of ‘Dynasty’ season 4 are available for rent or purchase on iTunesApple TVVuduGoogle Play, and Amazon Prime Video. Currently, only the first three seasons are available on Netflix, but season 4 is likely to arrive on the streamer in Q3 2021.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 19 Spoilers

In the nineteenth episode titled ‘Everything Looks Wonderful, Joseph’ Dominique will revisit a chapter in her past. It will likely be caused by the return of an old friend. Blake will exert dominion upon Amanda, but she has other plans in store that might directly clash with his plans. Sam and Culhane will share a secret with the Carringtons. Lastly, Fallon will be roped into an unexpected journey.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 18 Recap

In episode 18 of season 4, titled ‘A Good Marriage in Every Sense,’ Cristal’s brother forces himself back into her life after having disappeared for a long time. She had left him messages regarding her cancer, but he never answered back. After a long time, he has shown up and is now trying to gain her support in fighting against their father. Therefore, Cristal decides to cut off all contact with her father. Beto secretly steals the evidence that had been in Sam’s possession as per Cristal’s instructions.

Beto turns their father in, after which he appoints Cristal to look after the family business. Meanwhile, Fallon is not sure about Amanda’s identity and credibility as a person. Colin uncovers the information that Judge Whitley had issued a restraining order against Amanda for stalking. When the information had reached Amanda, her sister revealed that she was romantically involved with the Judge. Before the news got out, she filed a restraining order against Amanda to ensure privacy.

In the meantime, Kirby picks up a flash drive out of her father’s belongings when Anders asks her to watch over them. As guided by him, she also follows the address of a woman named Victoria, who turns out to be Anders’ estate lawyer. He has sent all of his life savings to her so she could ensure its safety.

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