Will There be an ‘Earthquake Bird’ Sequel?

In the vast array of films that Netflix has been producing lately, ‘Earthquake Bird‘ is yet another crime-thriller that you might not want to miss out on; especially if you’re a fan of Alicia Vikander. Based on an award-winning 2001 mystery novel, the film is set in 1989 Tokyo where ex-pat, Lucy Fly, works as a translator. Reserved and disconnect with her surroundings, Lucy lives a monotonously peaceful life far away from her hometown. But everything begins to change when she runs into a handsome Japanese photographer, Teiji, who boldly clicks pictures of her. What starts off as a date at Teiji’s noodle restaurant soon turns into an impassioned relationship between the two.

After being chivvied by another American woman named Lily, an unlikely friendship is formed between Lucy and Lily, and soon, Lily starts third-wheeling the couple. But in the days that follow, a cold sense of displeasure sets in as Lucy begins to suspect an affair between the two. As the traction between the trio grows further, things begin to take a very grim turn where nothing is at seems. By and large, ‘Earthquake Bird’, though a little redundant at times, is a promising crime thriller that captivates you with intensive character study and plot twists. Even so, will the film possibly receive a sequel in the future? SPOILERS AHEAD!

Earthquake Bird Sequel: What Could it Be About?

Towards the end of ‘Earthquake Bird’, Teiji, the overarching antagonist, gets killed and even the mystery behind Lily’s murder is unraveled. Moreover, even Lucy is freed from police custody and she also learns to come in peace with the demons of her past. To a great degree, the possibility of getting a sequel depends on how a film is able to perform commercially. Along with that, quite often, producers and Studios also intentionally present certain aspects of the plot of the film as a closed book, so that they can later use these as cues for a sequel. While the ending of ‘Earthquake Bird’ comes in full circle in context with the main character, it still leaves the dispositions of its other characters as mysteries.

Teiji, who initially just seems to be a strangely charming photographer, later transpires to become a cold-blooded serial killer, who has probably killed many other women in the past. There’s also a scene in the movie where Lucy sneaks into his house and finds the pictures of his “ex-girlfriend” Sasha. So just how ‘Earthquake Bird’ dwells deep into the lonely and obsessive mind of Lucy, a sequel could very well go back to the events of Teiji’s past and could present a tale that plunges deep into his psyche. This prequel of the film would, for obvious reasons, not feature Alicia Vikander’s character but we can mark Teiji’s return along with his other victims.

Speaking of a prequel, since most of the events of Lucy’s past are presented as a riddle, a follow-up movie could also give us a more refined story of what exactly led her to move away from her home. In ‘Earthquake Bird’, there’s a scene where Lucy looks back at all of her years of abandonment with her family and expresses how, at a very young age of 11, she started preparing herself for an escape by learning Japanese. A sequel could depict all the events that forced her to take such a bold decision and drove her into developing an escapist mindset.

Furthermore, on the surface, ‘Earthquake Bird’ parallels between the looming suspense of a murder and the struggles of a young woman who deals with the trauma of her past. But if we take a deeper look at it, as it unfolds the several layers of its narrative, the movie also deals with other themes that revolve around the alienation of an outsider in an unknown culture; the complexities and barriers of interactions that exist between a native Japanese and an outsider; and also, an individual’s path towards reinvention. A sequel could work on these grounds, that too, by retaining Alicia Vikander as its lead.

Earthquake Bird Sequel: When Will it Premiere?

As of now, no official announcements have been made regarding its sequel, and since it has been loyally adapted from a stand-alone novel, the possibilities of getting one in the future seem less prudent. Even so, if it manages to get an encouraging response from most viewers, Netflix might consider it for a sequel. For now, we’ll have to wait and see with this one.

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