Easy E Net Worth

How much is Easy E worth? $8 million

How did Easy E earn his money and wealth?

Eric Lynn Wright was born on September 7, 1964, at Compton, California, a Los Angeles suburb notorious for gang activity and he passed away at the age of 30 on 26th March 1995. His mother was a teacher at the grade school and his father was a postal worker. Wright in tenth grade dropped out of high school because of his family problems but later he received a high-school general equivalency diploma i.e., GED certificate. Due to the poor condition of his family, Wright started selling drugs and he introduced this occupation from his cousin.

Jerry Heller, who was his friend, admitted that he saw Wright selling marijuana, but he never saw him selling cocaine. As of 2018, Easy E’s net worth is $8 million.

On 16th September 1988, Wright’s debut album “Eazy-Duz_it” was released and featured twelve tracks, which had set a track record of forty-one on the United States Billboard 200 because his album was sold for more than $2.5 million. His first album was produced by Dr. Dre and DJ Yella and largely written by Ice Cube, The D.O.C and, MC Ren. “8 Ball”, was his first solo remix album which had originally appeared onN.W.A. and the Posse. This release featured his writing and performing skills and later he wrote songs and he gave stage show for seven songs.

At the age of 22, Wright had earned nearly US $250,000 in the year 1986 by selling drugs. Wright had thought to live a better life after his cousin was shot and killed in the Los Angeles during hip-hop scene because it was growing rapidly. After all these issues Wright released his second album Straight outta Comptombut his friend Ice Cube did not produce for his second release because of internal disputes and the group continued as a four-piece ensemble. In the year1991, Wright married Tomica woods at a Los Angeles nightclub, before his death and they had a son named Dominick and a daughter named Daijah, who was born six months after his death.

Wright was admitted due to a recurring cough and wincing that occurred on 24th February 1995 in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles with what he believed to be asthma. Later Wright was diagnosed with AIDS, he announced his illness in Time of New York on 16th March 1995 and this disease was contracted by having sex with different partners. On March 20, he made amends with Dr. Dne, Snoop Dogg, and Ice Cube, where he drafted his final message to all his fans before his death.

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