Eating History: Everything We Know

Did you know that just like relics, souvenirs, and collectibles from the ancient era, there is even food from the past that still exists? Well, it does and History’s bizarre food documentary, Eating History, explores just that. Strange but true! Now, that you have a gist of what this show is all about, let’s give you a detailed account of the release date, hosts, and content of this very weird reality show.

Eating History Season 1 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Eating History season 1 will premiere on March 11, 2020, on the History Channel at 10 pm ET/PT, with two back-to-back episodes. Its first season will consist of 12 episodes, with each episode being 30 minutes long in duration.

Who are the hosts of Eating History?

The primary focus of Eating History is on its two hosts, Old Smokey and Josh Macuga. Old Smokey is a vintage food expert, who describes himself as a “ration hound”. He is a connoisseur of the military diet and his love for food started when he wanted to develop a greater connection with his grandfather, who served in WWII. So, when he embarked on this path, his passion for exploring historical dishes increased manifold. Smokey is also an adventurer, always up to daring food tasks, that would not be attempted by regular people.

Josh, on the other hand, belongs to a generation of collectors. His family holds an insane amount of love for pop culture and this resulted in Josh getting interested in history. While his fam was obsessed with hoarding collectibles, he was always more inclined to know what was within these jars and containers. According to him, the best way to understand our past is to “taste” it.

What is Eating History about?

Eating History is an unscripted series that is centered around two buddies, Old Smokey and Josh Macuga, as they journey across the country while scouring for some of the oldest, most nostalgic, and shocking morsels, which have managed to survive the test of time. As viewers are transported back to a bygone era, they uncover nostalgia and forgotten stories that can be revived only through food.

History sheds further light on the series in its official description, which says: “Collectors everywhere save the bottles, tins, and boxes they come in, but not many do what Josh and Old Smokey do. They collect, unbox, examine, and eat the oldest, most iconic foods to have survived history. It’s the best way they’ve found to experience history first hand.”

Eli Lehrer, Executive Vice President and General Manager for HISTORY, added: “In addition to watching Josh and Old Smokey literally take a bite out of the past to experience history firsthand, our viewers will be immersed in captivating historical takeaways, learning mind-blowing information about food and its personal connections to all of us.”

So, how have these bites remained intact for so many years? If you go back to history, you would know that our ancestors used to preserve food by salting, smoking, jarring, fermenting and canning. But the next question that immediately strikes us is, what about an expiry date?

Well, apparently, according to vintage food explorers, many foods from our past are still fit to be consumed as they lie untouched in their original packaging. The cans can be found in bunkers, root cellars, shelves, and even in long-forgotten refrigerators. The morsels may be dangerous to be tried by normal consumers but learned experts do explore them to test if the bites have made it through all these years.

Across the episodes, we follow the duo as they unseal a vintage box of Wheaties from 1947, eat canned grasshoppers from the 1940s, gorge on Korean War rations, savor cereals from Star Wars C3PO (1984), taste Pepsodent toothpaste from the 1930s, and try vintage NASA rations and New Coke from the 1980s.

Eating History Trailer:

You can watch the preview trailer for Eating History right here.

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