Edens Zero Episode 7: What to Expect?

Based on a manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima (‘Fairy Tail‘), ‘Edens Zero’ is a space fantasy anime show. It revolves around Shiki Granbell, a human child who grows up in the theme park planet Granbell. He eventually leaves the planet with the help of Rebecca Bluegarden, a semi-popular social media influencer, and her robotic cat Happy and becomes an adventurer. He hopes to find Mother, the deity that created the universe. The first two episodes of ‘Edens Zero’ were screened online in advance on March 29, 2021. The pilot episode officially aired on Japanese TV on April 11, 2021. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming episode of the show.

Edens Zero Episode 7 Release Date

‘Edens Zero’ episode 7, titled ‘Warship of the Demon King,’ is set to premiere on May 23, 2021, on Nippon TV. Studio J.C.Staff developed the series, with Shinji Ishihara serving as the primary director, Yuji Suzuki as the assistant director, and Mitsutaka Hirota as the primary scriptwriter. Yoshihisa Hirano composed the music, while Shunya Kikuchi designed the characters. Takanori Nishikawa sang the opening theme, “Eden Through the Rough,” and CHiCO with HoneyWorks sang the ending theme, “Bouken no VLOG.”

Where to Stream Edens Zero Season 1 Online?

Japanese viewers can stream ‘Edens Zero’ with Original Japanese audio and subtitles on Netflix Japan. The episodes will be available for viewers outside Japan in Fall 2021.

Edens Zero Episode 7 Spoilers

In episode 6, Shiki, Rebecca, Happy, and Young Weisz find out that Sibir had been stealing military robots using Pino’s abilities. Pino believed that if she suffered in Sibir’s captivity, then others wouldn’t have to. She now realizes how wrong she was. As the police arrive, Shiki and the others try to escape on Rebecca’s ship Aqua Wing. However, they soon realize that they can’t penetrate the barrier around the planet. Young Weisz, who has been hiding in the ship, reveals himself. He tells Rebecca that he will get them through the barrier in exchange for the ship. Shiki agrees to the deal, much to Rebecca’s dismay. However, Shiki reminds her that they need a better ship to reach Mother anyway. The young Weisz reveals that he has his own Ether Gear, which he calls Machina Gear. It gives him the ability to rebuild machines.

After rebuilding Aqua Wing in real-time, Young Weisz pilots the ship out of Norma. Rebecca talks to Older Weisz, who reveals that a species of space creatures known as Chronophage has eaten 50 years of Norma’s time, and since then, traveling to the planet has been banned. He assures Rebecca and others that the presence of two Weiszes in one timeline will not cause a time paradox. Later, Aqua Wing is captured by Elsie and the crew of the Skull Fairy. When Elsie declares that she will plunder Aqua Wing, Shiki retorts by saying that he will plunder the Skull Fairy. The episode ends as Shiki faces a skull-faced Elsie for a duel. In episode 7, Shiki might defeat Elsie but discover that she is not the real one. He will likely learn the Skull Fairy was originally belonged to his grandfather.

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