El Chapo Season 4: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

‘El Chapo’ is an American crime television series which has been produced be Netflix and Univision. However, the show first aired on Univision before it was available for streaming on Netflix. The series first premiered on April 23, 2017. Who might have thought that the narcotics drama would be more addictive than narcotics itself? Well, ‘El Chapo’ is!

The show revolves around the life of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. However, it would be important to note that this series ‘El Chapo’ is not part of the ‘Narcos‘ universe, which also introduced El Chapo recently in their show ‘Narcos: Mexico‘ but has not gone too deep into how dangerous and powerful cartel head was. Nonetheless, ‘El Chapo’ has garnered a strong fan following, many of whom were hooked to shows following the drug trade ever since Wagner Moura personified magical realism in his portrayal of Pablo Escobar. Critics too have lauded the show, especially for the performances and the kind of research that has gone into it to make the portrayal realistic, rather than a comical good vs bad take on the Mexican drug trade.

El Chapo Cast: Who is in it?

The main cast of ‘El Chapo’ includes Marco de la O is playing the role of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who has often been considered to be one of the most feared men in the world. Before his capture, he was often considered to be one of the most powerful men alive, not to mention one of the biggest cartel bosses in the history of cocaine trading.

Other cast members include Humberto Busto who is Conrado Higuera Sol aka “Don Sol”, which is a fictional character based on Genaro Garcia Luna, the Mexican Secretary of Public Security. The role of Tono is played by Alejandro Aguilar and Mauricio Mejia appears as the Colombian drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar.

There are several other key characters like Amado Carrillo Fuentes and  Vicente Carrillo Fuentes of the Juarez cartel, and the Avendanos, which is a fictionalized portrayal of the Felixes of the Tijuana cartel. Along with several other supporting actors who play characters on both sides of the law, ‘El Chapo’ succeeds in painting a picture of lawlessness and corruption where a few good people were trying to rein in a drug trade that had taken on monstrous proportions.

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El Chapo Plot: What is it about?

The main plot of ‘El Chapo’ revolves around the rise of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman as the drug lord. For those unaware, El Chapo started off in a lowly position in the Guadalajara cartel, which was formed by Felix Gallardo, before he went on to become a boss himself, of the dreaded Sinaloa cartel. However, El Chapo, like many others in Mexico, was born to a life of extreme poverty. He used to be beaten by his father, who spent all the family money on alcohol and women.

The future cartel boss started with growing marijuana since the weed trade in Mexico was the major drug trade before the Guadalajara cartel made the switch to cocaine and tied up with the Cali and Medellin cartels in Colombia. In the series, over the course of the seasons, we see El Chapo’s rise to power, and how he eventually became one of the most feared men in the world, and perhaps the biggest narco boss since Escobar.

Eventually, of course, El Chapo’s run was ended and he was captured and incarcerated in a US prison. In fact, the infamous drug lord’s trial started recently and made the news as well. For those unaware, El Chapo got his name because he never grew to be very tall, and was rather stocky. However, nobody dared disrespect him because he had a streak of ruthlessness which saw him make his way to the very top and survive in a world where a friend will shoot you in the back just as soon as an enemy will.

The show does not disappoint in terms of bloodshed and action which is frenzied. There is plenty of torture, explosions, innocent deaths and cocaine-induced psychotic states that viewers of ‘Narcos’ must be familiar with. Amidst all this, Guzman is a folk hero like figure who butts heads with the upper echelons of the cartel but gets things done in his way with his resourcefulness and chilling ruthlessness, not to mention a few loyal allies and friends. The series also manages to capture the broken system of law and order in Mexico that allows the drug trade to flourish in the first place.

Much like ‘The Wire‘ which exposed the corruption at all levels, so does ‘El Chapo’. The Guardian highlights exactly that in its review, “It would be wrong to characterize El Chapo as simply another gory story about opium-fuelled ultraviolence. We watch as the state buddies up with drug lords, sanctions murder and takes sides in turf wars. Over time, it becomes a comment on the idea of Mexico as a failed state and the larger scandal of the failed war on drugs.”

While it is unlikely that we will have another season of the show, if there is one, it would be really nice if we got to see the trial proceedings of Guzman considering that the news around it has ranged from being shocking to being outright bizarre.

El Chapo Season 4 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘El Chapo’ Season 3 premiered on July 9, 2018. This season served as the final season for the show. Show’s creator spoke about it, saying, “This season sees the culmination of the journey the characters of El Chapo and Don Sol started in season one. It has been a great challenge to tell this important story with all its complexities and nuances. We have been privileged to see the audience’s reaction around the world and the success of the series to date is a testament to the incredibly talented team that worked on the show in the past three years.”

For now, Season 4 remains canceled. If Netflix has a change of mind and renews the show for another season, we will update this section with ‘El Chapo’ Season 3 release date.

El Chapo Trailer:

Check out the season 3 trailer to refresh your memories. If you haven’t seen the show yet, head over to Netflix to catch all the episodes of the previous seasons.

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