Will There be an El Presidente Season 2?

International football is a global passion, with many fans considering it as a part of their lives. And over the years, we have seen several documentaries narrating the positive aspects of this game. But Amazon Prime’s ‘El Presidente’ explores the darker side of this narrative. The dramedy is a fictionalized version of the Fifa Gate — a 2015 corruption scandal, which led to multiple powerful men losing their jobs. The first installment of the show was well received. Here’s what we know about the show’s future.

El Presidente Season 2 Release Date:

‘El Presidente’ season 1 released on June 5, 2020, on Amazon Prime. It consisted of eight episodes. From the start, the show has been conceptualized as a miniseries. Moreover, the first part concisely wraps up the details of Fifa Gate. Hence, it is unlikely that this particular story will be extended any further. What the creators can do is, make another season based on a different scandal. After all, there are multiple infamous scandals in the long and illustrious history of football. And if the makers proceed in this direction and a new outing gets a go-ahead, we can expect ‘El Presidente’ season 2 to release sometime in June 2021.

El Presidente Season 2 Cast: Who Can be in it?

Season 1 stars Andrés Parra as Sergio Jadue. Colombian actor Parra is best known for enacting the character of drug lord Pablo Escobar in ‘Pablo Escobar, el patrón del mal’. Mexican actress Karla Souza joins the cast as Rosario in El Presidente. She has earlier made an appearance in ‘How to Get Away with Murder’. ‘Narcos’ alum Paulina Gaitán plays Nené and Argentinian Luis Margani stars as Julio Grondona. Joining them are Luis Gnecco as Luis Bedoya, Daniel Muñoz as Jorge Segovia, Francisco Reyes as Cristián Varela and Sergio Hernández as Eugenio Figueredo.

Since season 2 is expected to narrate a different storyline, we expect a new roster of stars to be featured in the lead cast.

El Presidente Season 2 Plot: What Can it be About?

Created by Academy Award-winning director and screenwriter, Armando Bo (‘Birdman’), the first season of ‘El Presidente’ is a dramatized reimagination of the real-life 2015 Fifa Gate scandal. The story follows the journey of Sergio Jadue, the president of the Chilean football club. He then progressed to become the head of the country’s football association.

However, engulfed by greed for power and money, Jadue turned into an FBI informant and was the key in exposing a bribery conspiracy case that involved $150 million. This caused the authorities to indict 14 powerful men on charges of wire fraud, racketeering, and money laundering. Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini lost their positions as the presidents of FIFA and UEFA respectively. Meanwhile, Jaude was banned from football for life in 2016 by the Fifa Ethics Committee.

Since there is still no word on a season 2, its storyline is undecided. We will update this section as and when we learn more.

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