Will There be an Eli Sequel?

With so many horror films streaming options available online, one can easily lose his or her way. On top of that, it seems like every other film has a sequel already out there or being made. Think about it: would the experience of watching great horror movies like ‘The Babadook‘ and ‘It Follows‘ be the same if you knew that there are sequels being made after it? Probably not!

It is understandable why the whole idea of film sequels seems very alluring to the movie studios. But it seems like nowadays more and more audiences want them as well. Most horror films work because of their originality. But unfortunately, barring a few exceptions like ‘The Conjuring II‘ and ‘The Exorcist III‘, a sequel rarely surpasses the quality or the originality of its predecessor.

What is Eli about?

A young boy named Eli is plagued with an unknown auto-immune disease which disables him from coming in contact with the world around him. Forced to completely quarantine himself from his surroundings, he lives in the confinements of an anti-septic tent and is only allowed to leave his home with a protective suit on. Out of desperation to find a cure for his problem, Eli’s father runs into a Doctor who promises that she’ll be able to cure him with her 3-stage experimental procedure. Convinced by this, Eli’s parents move him to a “clean” mansion where he is not only treated for his disease but is also able to breathe without his protective gear.

But as the treatment ensues, Eli is haunted by paranormal entities that are omnipresent in the grand mansion. While the doctor claims that he’s just hallucinating because of his heavy doses of medication, Eli starts to question the Doctor’s motives. The more he explores the depths of the mansion, the more he unravels the secrets of his own true identity and also of those who are claiming to “cure” him.

Eli 2: What could it be about?

If you think about it, several similarities can be drawn between Ciaran Foy’s ‘Eli’ and Scott Derrickson’s ‘Sinister’. Both films revolve around exploring the depths of two very young characters who are driven into unleashing their sinister capabilities. And since ‘Sinister 2’ has been directed by Ciaran Foy, his idea of a sequel for ‘Eli’ can be deduced from his approach with ‘Sinister 2’.

Comparing the two films, ‘Sinister’ had a fairly conclusive ending but left several unanswered questions, especially with respect to the origins of its overarching antagonist. Ciaran Foy took cues from this and came out with a fairly decent sequel of the film. Similarly, ‘Eli’ introduces several obscure characters whose origin stories can easily develop into full-fledged sequels. This could obviously include the origins of the mansion where Eli gets admitted and along with that, a sequel could also portray the atrocities that were faced by the previous victims of Doctor Horn. The story could also further depict how Doctor Horn’s religious beliefs drove her into becoming a mass murderer.

Another major determining factor for a movie’s sequel is its ending. While most plot points of the film come in full circle by the end, the primary characters, Haley and Eli, make several references to a father figure who they have to seek. It is never revealed who this father figure truly is and in the final moments of the film, the two of them even set out on a journey to meet him. The conclusion also hints that, there was always a greater force at play which had intended to place Eli in the mansion. This greater force is, of course, the demonic father figure they keep referring to. But again, who is this mysterious figure? In the grand scheme of things, is he plotting something even bigger?

Also, while most horror films portray demonic characters as their antagonists, ‘Eli’ leaves you at a crossroads where it diminishes the line between good and evil. And since the first film has already introduced two characters who are the descendants of the devil, there are probably many more like them. So in a potential sequel, the key characters of the current film could run into others like them.

Is Eli 2 happening?

As of now, ‘Eli 2’ is certainly not happening. But can that change in future? Certainly! Especially, when you consider Foy’s history with similar films and all the unexplored ground that is left behind in the present film, a sequel is very well a possibility. But we will have to strictly wait and see if any announcement is made.

When Can Eli 2 Release?

Eli 2 release date will depend a lot on when it is announced. If we assume that Netflix takes a few months to gauge the response and makes an announcement in 2020, the earliest Eli 2 can release is in late 2021.

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