4 Hottest Elizabeth Lail Scenes in You

You‘, which was once a Lifetime show, only gained much of its popularity after being nabbed by Netflix. The show, with each of its episodes, slowly grows under your skin and makes you realize that as charming as its murderous bookseller of a protagonist may seem, he is absolutely “toxic” to say the least.

For the most part, the series has only been chastised for its “problematic” nature because of how it boldly depicts murder and violence. Penn Badgley (‘Gossip Girl‘) does a great job with his portrayal of a psychotic serial killer, who struggles to convince himself that he’s actually a good guy. But apart from that, even Elizabeth Lial’s performance in the first season is quite commendable. She perfectly plays the role of Beck, who is a young aspiring author and also a subject of Joe’s attention.

That being said, despite being a Lifetime show, it’s almost surprising how ‘You’ uses a lot of sexual elements in its story to portray the relationship between its characters. However, if we compare it with many other R-rated shows on Netflix, ‘You’ is far from being a controversial show. Even so, we’ve decided to create a quick rundown of all the hottest Elizabeth Lial scenes in ‘You’.

4. S1 E1

An aspiring writer, Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail), walks inside a bookstore but little does she know that her life is about to change forever. The manager of the bookstore, Joe, gets obsessed with her the first time he sees her and soon starts stalking her. He traces every single step that she takes each day by keeping an eye on her social media and also watches her through her bedroom window. This is when Joe discovers that she has a boyfriend. While Joe looks at her from her window, a rich spoilt playboy named Benji visits her and lures her into making love.

Beck falls for it and ends up sleeping with him, and all this while, Joe just stands there and stares. This scene isn’t all that graphic with its depiction of sex but what follows this is not just downright creepy but is also a reflection of how messed up Joe is deep inside. Soon after Benji leaves, Joe starts imagining himself with her, while he lurks in the hedges right outside her home. At this moment, he gets so lost in his fantasy that he almost forgets that he’s actually in a public place.

3. S1 E3

In the events that follow, Joe takes his stalking to a whole new level and makes it his life’s sole motive to make her fall in love with him. While he tries his best to get closer to Beck, he also finds a way to get rid of her boyfriend. Beck also shows some interest in him but at the same time, she still hooks up with other random men. With this, what follows is a series of love making scenes in which Beck can be seen with many different men who, according to Joe, are all “Millenial man-boys”. He vows to himself that unlike all the other boys she has been with, he will prove to be “the one”.

With time, he manages to get Benji completely out of the way and even Beck starts falling for him. She also starts opening to him and there is this one scene in which they almost end up having sex, but are interrupted by Beck’s friend, Peach. Somewhere near the end of this episode, Beck invites him home and they finally make love However, to Joe’s dismay, he prematurely ejaculates. Embarrassed by this, he later ends up leaving Beck’s apartment.

Most love making scenes on television are like a hurdle-free spring to mutual satisfaction where everything comes to an end in a matter of 3 minutes. However, this scene suggests otherwise and depicts a form of reality without any flattering angles or lighting. The only reason why you would want to revisit this one would be to cringe over Joe’s failure to do something he had longed all this while.

2. S1 E4

In Beck’s circle, Joe soon comes to be known as “the 8-second-Joe” after she surreptitiously texts to her friends and tells them about his inability to last long. He ends up reading all of this through Beck’s old phone, which he had stolen earlier. He finally decides to take a step back from his current relationship with her but, for obvious reasons, the stalking still goes on. Following her all the way to a Charles Dickens festival in Nyack, he meets her again and makes it look like a mere coincidence.

Beck later gets into an argument with her father and with this, Joe is able to win her heart again by being there for her. Soon after this, they end up making love again and Joe manages to be a lot more than the “8-second Joe” he was earlier. This mildly titillating scene marks the beginning of their relationship.

1. S1 E8

In the episodes that follow, Beck and Joe’s relationship, though it starts off quite well, it takes a major hit and everything goes downhill. It reaches a point where even Joe decides to give up on it completely and slightly dwindles his stalking as well. He later starts dating another girl named Karen while, deep inside, Beck still yearns a relationship with him. Soon, they meet again while helping a friend move into a new place.

Beck confesses that he was just too good for her and that’s one big reason why she let him go. What follows is a series of scenes in which the two of them go back to being their old selves and have sex anywhere and everywhere. Joe, without even thinking twice, breaks up with Karen and gets back with Beck. And this time around, as she walks right into the arms of the “bona fide” psychopath. For obvious reasons, things don’t end too well for her.

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