Where is Emergency Call Filmed?

911 call takers or dispatchers are the backbone of the criminal justice system. They answer emergency calls, extract relevant information, and direct them to the appropriate first responders, who are best suited for tackling the situation. ABC’s ‘Emergency Call’ offers the viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the world of the 911 dispatchers as they go about their days at work, attending calls ranging from spine-chilling attacks to mere butt dials.

The unscripted television series features real-life 911 operators who showcase excellent communication skills, vigilance, composure, and a robust mental aptitude to deal with hundreds of emergency calls per day. ‘Stargirl’ actor Luke Wilson is the host of the series that is an adaptation of an original Belgian format. In case you’re wondering about the filming locations of ‘Emergency Call,’ we have got you covered!

Emergency Call Filming Location

The show is produced by 8HOURS TELEVISION, which is an unscripted television production company based in Los Angeles, California. Therefore, it is highly likely that the studio scenes featuring the host Luke Wilson is filmed in the City of Angels.

In fact, photographer Ricky Middlesworth took to Instagram to share the details on some post-production scenes/shots that took place in a studio amid the pandemic. Alongside a promotional picture of Luke, Ricky wrote, “This was my first job since the Covid-19 shutdown. Thanks to my rockstar team, we were able to load-in, build, test, and shoot SEVEN setups of Luke…all within the short window of one hour. And with masks! What a rush.?? Thanks for trusting me with this, @abcnetwork.”

As far as the locations of the 911 call centers are concerned, the first season throws light on the dispatch work from the following places in the United States – Austin, Texas; Waukesha, Wisconsin; Wasilla, Alaska; Ogden, Utah, and New Orleans. Each episode focuses on the operators answering absurd, terrifying, and sometimes hilarious calls from people in their city or area.

For the purpose of filming, the production unit set up cameras in the respective call centers to record the activities in the center, which is always flooded with 911 calls. When the citizens reach out to the operators while being stuck in extremely dangerous situations, the camera department documents the call takers’ raw emotions and empathy towards the callers who are not only in a vulnerable state but are also in an urgent need of assistance.

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