Where to Stream ‘Emma’?

Anya Taylor-Joy stars as "Emma Woodhouse" in director Autumn de Wilde's EMMA., a Focus Features release. Credit : Liam Daniel / Focus Features

Jane Austen is one of the literary giants, known for her wonderful portrayals of complex women characters. One of her novels, ‘Emma‘, has been made into a movie. With a stellar cast, including Anya Taylor Joy, the story is about the titular woman who meddles in the love lives of her friends.

Naturally, people are avoiding social gatherings, which includes catching the movie in theaters. Thus, you might be wondering if there is any way to stream ‘Emma’ online. We have got you covered in that regard.

What is Emma About?

Emma Woodhouse lives in a Georgian and Regency-era England. Mostly, she amuses herself by meddling in the lives of friends and family. Emma fancies herself to be somewhat of a matchmaker. The story starts when Emma tries to find herself a new companion.

Through a series of incidents, she grows closer to Mr. Knightley. At the start, their relationship is a little bumpy and he even ignores her. However, Emma’s feelings strengthen. There is a slight hiccup as Emma and Harriet (her friend) are both in love with Mr. Knightley.

At the same time, Mr. Knightley confesses his feelings for Emma. Wishing to make things all right for Harriet, she intervenes one last time, setting her up with Mr. Martin. The story ends with Emma and Knightley getting married, excited to start their new lives together.

Is Emma on Netflix?

Netflix has a stellar collection of movies and television shows meant to cater to varied tastes. While ‘Emma’ is not on the platform, you can check out ‘The Lobster‘, a wonderfully incisive tale about the pressures of having a partner.

Is Emma on Hulu?

Hulu subscribers always have access to new and exciting content that the platform keeps adding, to stay ahead of the curve. While ‘Emma’ is not available on Hulu yet, you can check out ‘When Harry Met Sally‘, which is an adorable love story, in itself.

Is Emma on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is Netflix’s closest competitor when it comes to content. Shows and films are globally sourced, on this platform. While Prime subscribers cannot stream ‘Emma’ as is, you can always rent and watch the movie on the platform. Check it out here.

Where to Stream Emma Online?

No subscription to the major streaming platforms? No worries. You can still stream and watch ‘Emma’. Just head to YouTube, Vudu, or FandangoNow, where you can rent and watch the movie. Both SD and HD versions are available.

Is Emma on DVD or BluRay?

Although ‘Emma’ is not yet out on DVD and BluRay, it will become available by May 2020. You can get early access, on Amazon Prime. Check it out here.

Can I Stream Emma Online For Free?

Unfortunately, there is no way to watch ‘Emma’ for free right now, since you can only rent and stream the movie. You have to wait till it arrives on a platform with a free trial period, to watch it. As usual, we’d like to urge our readers to pay for any art they consume.

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