Will There be an Endlings Season 3?

‘Endlings’ is a science fiction series that premiered in its home country on January 5, 2020, on CBC Television. In the US, the show airs on Hulu. The story revolves around four young children living with a foster father, Mr. Leopold. The fam resides on a farm, and then, one day, they discover an alien stranded on their premises after its spaceship crashes.

Soon, they team up together to form a squad whose only mission is to save the endangered species. In October 2019, ‘Endlings’ was renewed for a second season even before season 1 hit TV screens. Season 2 premiered in the US in January 2021. Let us now get to the details of its potential third edition.

Endlings Season 3 Release Date

‘Endlings’ season 2 premiered on January 15, 2021, on Hulu. It consists of 12 episodes. Although the show has not been renewed yet, we are hopeful that the network might give us a third season.

‘Endlings’ has managed to draw consistent ratings and has a loyal fan-following. It may not be a breakout hit, but it shows promise to be greenlit for at least one more season. Even in terms of plot, the creators can extend the story in any direction. So, if given the go-ahead soon, we can expect ‘Endlings’ season 3 to premiere sometime in January 2022.

Endlings Season 3 Cast: Who can be in it?

‘Endlings’ stars Kamaia Fairburn as Julia, the latest newcomer in the Leopold household, which happens to be a foster home. She is joined by Edison Grant, who stars as the eldest child Johnny and Michela Luci as Tabby, the second youngest child. We also have Cale Thomas Ferrin as Finn, the youngest child on the farm; Neil Crone as Mr. Leopold; Oyin Oladejo as Tuko’s caretaker; and Lisa Ryder as Hewes. In season 3, we expect the entire lead cast to make a comeback.

Endlings Season 3 Plot: What can it be About?

Season 2 is set in the year 2041 when Julia, Johnny, Tabby, and Finn continue to help their alien buddy Ling in saving fantastical endlings. The kids take the help of their foster father, Mr. Leopold, and animal activist Dr. Abiona Maina, while receiving the “last of their kind” creatures in order to complete their mission. However, things get complicated when Ling, by mistake, shows Tabby a vision of their quest failing.

This is when the squad realizes that Ling can see not only the past but also the future. The gang additionally learns that Tresa Hewes, the CEO of Infinitum Corporation, has been keeping tabs on the team. She even kidnaps Ling and the endlings. As expected, our heroes emerge successful in this test. But what new challenges await them in the future? Well, season 3 might shed more light on the future adventures of Julia, Johnny, Tabby, Finn, and Ling.

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