Evil Season 2: Everything We Know

‘Evil’ is a supernatural drama series that follows the unlikely trio of a forensic psychologist, a former journalist training to be a priest, and a contractor as they band together to investigate supernatural phenomena and uncover the true nature of evil. Created by Robert King and Michelle King, the potentially paranormal procedural series first premiered in 2019 on CBS, and was onboarded by Netflix in October 2020 to introduce it to a wider audience.

It has been lauded for its intense performances and examining the deeply unsettling nature of the themes it tackles. If you couldn’t get enough of the thoughtful debates stemming from the trio’s three different religious beliefs and are eagerly awaiting news about a follow-up season, here’s everything we know about ‘Evil’ season 2.

Evil Season 2 Release Date

‘Evil’ season 1 premiered on September 26, 2019, on CBS. The debut season concluded on January 30, 2020, after airing thirteen episodes with a runtime of 40-42 minutes each.

As far as another season is concerned, we have good news. The series was renewed for a second season less than a month after its premiere on October 22, 2019, by CBS. Since then, details have been scarce regarding the production of season 2, and the release date remains unannounced.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the second season faced challenges in production, and filming began later than anticipated in October 2020, nearly a year after the sophomore season was first announced. Production on the second season is underway since February 2021. Luckily for fans, Actress Katja Herbers announced the details on the release of the second season. So if everything goes accordingly, ‘Evil’ season 2 will release sometime between April-June 2021.

Evil Season 2 Cast: Who is in it?

Main cast members of season 1 – Katja Herbers, Mike Colter, and Aasif Mandvi – are confirmed to return as Dr. Kristen Bouchard, David Acosta, and Ben Shakir. Michael Emerson (Dr. Leland Townsend) and Kurt Fuller (Dr. Boggs) are most likely to appear in season 2. Brooklyn Shuck, Skylar Gray, Maddy Crocco, and Dalya Knapp appear as Kristen’s four daughters in the first season and are also expected to return. Marti Matulis should reprise his role as The Devil Therapist and is likely to continue playing other supernatural creatures in the upcoming season.

Evil Season 2 Plot: What is it About?

With so many plot points left unresolved, season 2 of ‘Evil’ promises to deliver some much-needed answers. Kristen’s realization that evil resides within her is sure to rock the world of all three main characters and will continue to deepen the nuanced portrayal of evil in the show. It is worth noting that the show revels in the ambiguous nature of the supernatural occurrences it depicts, and any definitive answers are unlikely.

Furthermore, to keep things fresh in the second season, the show could distance itself from the theme of science being a potential explanation for all supernatural occurrences and embrace the theme of the horrific monstrosities that science is capable of unleashing. One thing is certain, Kristen, David, and Ben will continue to walk the blurry line between science and occult in season 2. Check out the promo for ‘Evil’ season 2′ created over zoom.

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