Expecting Season 3: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

‘Expecting’ is an American reality TV series that airs on UP Tv and follows couples who experience highs and lows when they are welcoming a child, which proves to be the most defining moment of their lives. The show first premiered on September 4, 2017.

‘Expecting’ has no plot or any storyline. For a reality show it is too honest. It just displays how families are extra supportive of the mother and are there for her at every step of the journey. “I’m Pregnant!”- the two words that bring such joy to the family and their loved ones. It’s a time where emotions should be captured in a frame. Such moments are rare. Couples go online on social media and share the good news with their relatives and friends. The trip from their homes to the hospital becomes a pleasant journey.

“In Expecting, UP viewers will have a front-row seat on the rollercoaster ride that is expecting a little one,” Timothy Kuryak, senior vice president of production and development was heard saying: “Whether you’re married or single, have kids or not, Expecting has many relatable moments about love, family and relationships. The dynamic between each couple is raw, unfiltered and truly authentic”, he said.

Naturally, as soon as the show aired, fans flocked to it, since it captures the joys of birth and parenthood. Notably, a lot of other shows focus on the aspect of birth, be it MTV’s ‘Sixteen and Pregnant’ or ‘Teen Mom‘, or TLC’s ‘Unexpected’, but most of these shows focus on what it means to have a child when you are not ready for it. On the other hand, ‘Expecting’ puts on display the careful process towards childbirth, the anticipation and the climax which results in something unique — human life.

Expecting Cast: Who is in it?

The couples from the initial season included Tia & Tre, Tayler & Seth, Elyse & Grayson, Angela & CR, Joey & Josh, Angel & Marcus, Jelisa & Darrin, Crystal & Brandon, Jen & Dan, among others. In the following season, the show shifted focus to other couples like Rachel & Harold, Priscilla & Rian, Stacy & Erik, Kristen & Cory, Ciera & Matthew among others. The show also features returning couples like Tia and Tre, who are there in the sophomore season as well.

In the upcoming season, we hope to see some new couples, but it would also be nice to see some of the old couples return; so viewers can get an update of how their previous children are getting along.

Expecting Plot: What is it about?

UP TV has given birth to a new type of a TV series which follows real-life couples as they go through the joyful ride that pregnancy is. The audience can peek into the rawest moments of their journey like it was never seen before. The couple can enjoy their parenthood without any high budget production. Along with these couples, you can also revel in the joy of their family, friends, and relatives. In one episode, a couple named Yohanna & Dom gets news about pregnancy, and conclude that their life is designed for them to live together in Atlanta. In another episode, Taylor and Seth, a farming couple, find out that the woman has got pregnant in the busiest time of the year. In yet another case, Sande and Juice’s lives take a drastic turn when they get news of pregnancy.

The basic premise is that each couple reacts to and deals with the news of the pregnancy in different ways. The show brings us these reactions and emotions in the most unadulterated form since there is no camera crew or questions of staging. The entire thing is shot with Go-Pro cameras, fixed rigs, and self-shot confessionals. We are made privy to the highs and lows of pregnancy and the days preceding childbirth. Hopefully, the show will continue in a similar manner in the upcoming season and we will get to see more stories of couples who are expecting to bring new life to this world.

Expecting Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Expecting’ Season 2 premiered on April 25, 2019. There is no news yet about UP Tv having renewed the show for another season. However, considering its popularity and low cost of production, the show will most likely be renewed. Our best guess is that ‘Expecting’ Season 3 will release sometime in April, 2020. However, do stay tuned for an official update on the release date.

Expecting Trailer:

While we wait for ‘Expecting’ Season 3, you can check out the trailer for Season 2 to refresh your memories of the show. If you have not seen the series and want to know what couples go through during pregnancies, then do give it a watch.

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