Fact Check: Did Ellen DeGeneres Really Die?

If you are confused by the hashtag #RIPEllen on Twitter and think that Ellen DeGeneres has passed away, we are here to clear your doubts. She is alive and doing well. In fact, Ellen recently posted on Instagram to give her followers a heads up about the Presidential primary elections in Delaware and New Jersey.

Ellen, who’s 62 years old, is a known face in talk show circles and the entertainment industry. However, there’s been no reports of Ellen battling any health condition, for the past few days. So how did the rumors of her death start?

Ellen DeGeneres Death Rumors, Explained:

Firstly, Ellen’s death rumors are not about her death at all. The #RIPEllen only led fans to be confused that she might have passed away. In reality, the hashtag refers to the rumors that surfaced last week about Ellen’s show getting axed. However, as is the nature of the internet, the misleading hashtag gained traction, became viral, and is now responsible for the celebrity death hoax. You can check out a netizen’s reaction, who is confused about Ellen’s condition.


However, we are here to settle all doubts and confirm that she’s very much alive. The Twitterati have been busy propagating the news of her death, however, by spreading fake obituaries, which are meant to be borderline humorous but have been interpreted seriously by some netizens, feeding fuel to the fire. Here’s an example of one such post.


While Ellen might be living, for now, she is facing the heat when it comes to her show. Due to the falling ratings of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ there have been rumors of it getting jettisoned. Producers have confirmed that this is not the case, but Ellen is not quite the talk-show darling she once was. In fact, her reputation tanked ever since she defended her friendship with George W. Bush, and ditched Dakota Johnson’s birthday party. Ellen hasn’t quite recovered, and there has been a viral Twitter thread, asking people who’ve encountered Ellen for stories of her being mean.

The responses have been vast and varied with one individual stating that Ellen picks on one person to be mean to, throughout the day. There’s nothing to do but make peace with it since she usually moves on to someone else the next day. Recently, Ellen has faced flak from her crew members for being rude to them during the coronavirus lockdown.

Although Ellen has not addressed the rumors of her death, or her show being jettisoned, she has taken the time out to support the important causes in the US. See her post below, where she demands justice for Breonna Taylor. Notably, some of the comments there have urged her to be a nice person off-camera, while others have outright said that she’s canceled.

Ellen’s definitely not feeling the love at the moment but appears to be in good health. She has a busy schedule ahead of her, with ‘Little Funny,’ her series, waiting in the pipelines. It tells the story of a young comic who gets tips from professionals. Ellen is also attached as a producer in ‘Jekyll,’ which is in pre-production stages.

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