Fact Check: Did Tony Lopez Really Die?

Yet another internet personality seems to have been subjected to a death rumor. Despite any news to the contrary, Tony Lopez is not dead. He is alive and well. The 20-year-old American social media personality is from Las Vegas. He rose to fame through TikTok and has amassed around twenty million followers. Well-loved by his fans, Lopez also has nearly seven million followers on Instagram besides enjoying a solid Twitter presence. For those unaware, Tony’s one part of the famous Lopez Brothers duo. They have a popular YouTube channel where he and Ondreaz, his brother, post some challenge videos and pranks. But, how did Tony Lopez die?

Tony Lopez Death Rumor Explained:

Several media outlets started reporting that Tony died in a car crash in Las Vegas. Apparently, he was found in an alleyway and had also suffered two stab wounds – one to his leg and the other to his arm. The reports further went on to state that Lopez’s parents had also commented on his death. Of course, none of these sites are very reputable and are notorious for death hoaxes. However, netizens took to sharing the news, and soon it snowballed with everyone on Twitter speaking about Lopez’s demise. You can see such a post below.

Fans were even more confused when Lopez continued posting on his social media accounts and creating content. Eventually, word got back to him that he’d been subject to a death rumor. Of course, Tony took it humorously and even tweeted about it, using the skeleton head emoji to symbolize his death.

So, it turns out that Tony’s death rumors hold no water. We want to urge readers to verify what they see on the internet if it does not come from trusted sources. Moreover, with Tony’s popularity, his demise would be covered by major media outlets. While Lopez might be out of the woods when it comes to the death scare, he is looking at far more severe problems in life.

The internet personality has come under fire for racist and misogynistic comments. In an interview, Tony noted that he had a weakness for ‘black girls’ and ‘Asian girls.’ Naturally, fetishizing minorities is frowned upon, and he’s faced some backlash. Even more damningly, reports have emerged that Lopez has been trying to initiate contact with a 15-year-old girl. She’s spoken about it, highlighting what seems like predatory behavior. Yet another report has emerged that Lopez tried to get a 17-year-old to go on a date with him.

Therefore, the death rumor is the least of Tony’s worries for now. If the women press charges, he might even be looking at jail time. For those in the public eye, their image is essential, and Lopez fully intends to maintain his without letting it get tarnished. For now, we leave you with his most recent image, where he’s said that he has a lot more on his mind than other people think he does. With his current set of problems, we’re hardly surprised! [Cover Image Courtesy: Tony Lopez/Instagram] 

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