Fact Check: Is Shane Dawson Really Dead?

Shane Dawson or Shane Lee Yaw, the popular YouTuber, is not dead contrary to what the internet rumors might be saying. Dawson was one of the first people to rise to fame on YouTube and maintained his online presence throughout. The Los Angeles based personality is known for his celebrity impressions, comic characters, and musical spoofs. However, he’s also famous for his real-life videos. Most of Shane’s content can be accessed on his YouTube channels ShaneDawsonTV and Shane. Notably, the latter is used for his vlogs. Over the two channels, Shane has a cool approximate of 30 million subscribers. It is evident that Dawson is quite an internet personality, but how did the rumors about his death begin?

Shane Dawson Death Rumors, Explained:

Rumors about Dawson’s death started doing the rounds after TMZ, a reputed celebrity news website, apparently tweeted about it. The post reads that Shane Dawson passed away at the age of 32. It ends with #RipShane. You can see the tweet below.


Typically, celebrity death rumors arise from untrustworthy sources, and an observant netizen can always figure out which news to believe. However, TMZ is a reliable source, which is what might have baffled several Twitterati enough, to spread the news. If you look carefully, the account that posted the story is unverified. It is a parody account and not the official TMZ handle, which you can check here.

Apart from the parody account, several users reported that an account pretending to be Ryland Adams, Dawson’s partner, also shared the same news. A fake tweet from controversial YouTuber Jeffree Star added fuel to the fire.

While Shane has not addressed the rumors publicly, several Twitterati have slammed the false claims and called it shameful. Several netizens were likely more inclined to put stock in the stories because Shane has not had an online presence for quite some time. His latest Instagram post is from June 20, 2020. You can see it here.

For an online personality not to have an active online profile might be worrisome for the followers. However, Shane is most likely taking a break due to the recent internet backlash which he has faced. This backlash might also explain the fake death news that’s started doing the rounds.

YouTube confirmed on June 30, 2020, that Dawson could no longer make money from ads on his channels. Target, the chain store, also announced they’d not carry books written by the vlogger. Mainly, Shane stands canceled due to his numerous racist and pedophilic jokes in the past. He’s used blackface many times, apart from saying the n-word. In a lengthy video posted on his channel, Shane has taken accountability for his actions.

One hopes he makes a genuine change in his lifestyle and thought pattern and returns to the platform. For now, Shane remains alive and in good health. The rumors or news suggesting otherwise hold no water.

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