Fact Check: Is Simon Cowell in Jail?

Simon Cowell is not currently behind bars, contrary to whatever rumor is doing the rounds. The English television personality is known for being a part of popular shows like ‘The X Factor’ and ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Cowell seems to be falling prey to all kinds of internet rumors, and, was a recent victim to a death hoax as well. But, the real question is, how did the rumors about Simon Cowell being jailed, begin?

Simon Cowell Jailed Rumors, Explained:

Rumors about Cowell being jailed seem to have sprung due to his recent support of a performer on ‘AGT.’ Simon was incredibly moved by Archie Williams, a Louisiana man, who belted out an Elton John track flawlessly. While Archie’s voice was inspiring, Simon was touched by his tragic tale. Archie had languished in prison for 37 years after being falsely accused of rape.

He told Simon how he’d made it out of one of America’s bloodiest prisons, and while inside, he’d watch the show, dreaming of being on stage sometime in the future. Simon has now thrown his considerable resources and influence into becoming an ambassador for the Innocence Project. It helps innocent prisoners gain their freedom. Simon has also shared a touching post about Archie’s performance and life story. See it below.

It seems that any recent rumors that have arisen about Cowell being jailed might be due to his current association with the Innocence Project. That said, Cowell has been behind bars, and all at the tender age of 12!

Speaking of the experience, he said to The Sun, “It was a joke, I thought. I put a gun – I shouldn’t even be saying this – it was a pretend gun, and we said to the bus driver, ‘Take us to Watford!’ He literally did not stop from Radcliffe to Watford.” Simon was thrown into jail immediately after they arrived at Watford, and when the cops asked him where he got the gun, he said he obtained it at a toy shop. They were pea guns, but threatening a bus driver with a fake weapon is a serious crime too.

Cowell did not know that as a kid, but when his parents came in, the situation probably worsened for Simon. He recounted that his mother was even more furious than the cops. Surely, Simon’s experiences as a kid must have taught him not to walk on the wrong side of the law. In conclusion, it appears that there is no truth to any of the recent rumors about Simon Cowell being behind bars.

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