Families of Mafia: All the Details You Need to Know

Families of The Mafia MTV

Remember ‘Made in Staten Island’? Well, MTV’s ‘Families of The Mafia’ is a multi-layered repackaging of that show. The docu-series explores the lives of four families who have close connections to some notorious members of the crime mafia. Will the latest generation of the family manage to steer clear of their criminal legacy or end up adopting the mob lifestyle?

The show has been created by Adam Gonzalez and Karen Gravano of ‘Mob Wives’ fame, who is also a cast member. In case you want to know about the release date, cast, and other details of ‘Families of The Mafia’ season 1, keep reading.

Families of The Mafia Season 1 Release Date

Families of The Mafia’ season 1 is all set to premiere on April 9, 2020, at 9 pm ET on MTV. It will consist of six episodes with a runtime of 45-50 minutes each.

Families of The Mafia Cast: Who is in it?

The show follows four families – The Gravanos, The O’Tooles, The LaRoccas, and The Augustines – as their respective matriarchs extend a steady hand to their kids, helping them navigate the stormy waters of their family’s criminal history since they’re connected to some of the most infamous mafia members.

All the parents aim at preventing their children from falling in with the wrong crowd or having to deal with the consequences of their parents’ old lifestyle. ‘Families of The Mafia’ showcases the drama, tensions, and complications that arise when the whole family gets together and share their views and opinions about their legacy.

The Gravano family

The family is led by Salvatore Gravano AKA “Sammy the Bull,” who is a former second-in-command of one of the families involved in the Italian-American mafia, the Gambino family.


You may also know him as the man who entered a deal with the government and testified against his boss, the infamous John Gotti, Frank Locascio, and many other mobsters in the 90s. After serving a sentence of nearly 18 years, Sammy is now out of prison and aims at spending his time with his family, to make up for the lost time. He has a daughter Karen, who has also been to prison for a drug-related crime.


Karen’s daughter Karina Seabrook is a college student and wants to gets to know her grandfather.


Meanwhile, Karen’s primary concern is to make sure Karina chooses the right path and doesn’t end up making the same mistakes as her family.

The O’Toole family

Son of the Irish mafioso William Cutolo or “Wild Bill,” Billy O’Toole got involved in illegal gambling and loansharking and ended up in prison on charges of extortion and racketeering.


Billy’s ex-wife, Jess Clare, has been raising their twins Joe and Taylor, and son Matthew all by herself.


However, the two kids have fallen on the wrong path, which has resulted in multiple arrests. Jess is still striving to keep Joe and Taylor from following their father’s footsteps and destroying their lives, and she needs Billy’s help with that. PS – Unfortunately, Billy passed away in 2019.

The LaRocca family

The LaRocca family’s matriarch, Gina, has been arrested three times for selling drugs to the members of the mafia in Staten Island.


She has also spent nine months at the infamous Riker’s Island jail, which is known for its brutality and torture. Gina has seen the worst and therefore wants her children to make better choices. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her two young kids – Jade and Ayden.


She has an elder son Christian “CP” from her ex-husband, Christian Patterson.


After her ex-husband got locked away, Gina asked CP’s aunt Trish and uncle Anthony to look after him.


CP has had a troubled childhood, and it reflects in his current lifestyle. He has narrowly escaped a conviction for attempted murder and four counts of assault charges after beating a student black and blue, along with a friend who is currently in prison. Gina, Trish, and Anthony want CP to become more responsible and leave Staten Island for good.

The Augustine family

Lisa Augustine is a friend of Karen Gravano, and they have spent their childhoods together, despite belonging to distinct backgrounds.


Lisa is the mother of a beautiful daughter, Dennie, who has just graduated from college.


After being abandoned by her husband, Lisa has worked really hard to finance Dennie’s education and fulfill her other needs. And although Dennie’s records are clean, Lisa worries she might end up befriending the wrong people.

Families of The Mafia Trailer

Check out the trailer for ‘Families of The Mafia’ season 1!


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