When Will Family Guy Season 18 Episode 11 Premiere?

Family Guy, the long-running animated sitcom that airs on FOX, is created by Seth MacFarlane. It revolves around the dysfunctional Griffin family, which comprises the dad Peter, the mom Lois, daughter Meg, son Chris, baby Stewie, and the family dog Brian. All the events of the show take place in Quahog, Rhode Island and they mainly are a satire of the modern American culture.

A highly, critically-acclaimed series, Family Guy has received 27 nominations for the Primetime Emmys, winning eight. Ranked as FOX’s second-longest-running program, just after ‘The Simpsons‘, its 18th season premiered on September 29, 2019.

The last season has aired 10 episodes to date, with the latest episode debuting on January 5, 2020. Here’s a detailed account of how and where you can watch Family Guy Season 18 Episode 11.

Family Guy Season 18 Episode 11 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

Family Guy Season 18 Episode 11 will release on February 16, 2020, at 9.30 PM ET on FOX.

The 18th season has moved to the 9.30 PM slot for the first time since its premiere because of the launch of Bless the Harts at 8:30 pm ET and Bob’s Burgers at 9:00 pm ET.

Where to Watch Family Guy Season 18 Episode 11 Online?

Family Guy falls under the category of Adult Cartoons and Comedy. The best way to watch it is to tune in to FOX TV at the aforementioned time slot and catch the episode during its entire run of 20 minutes. The next option is to watch it online on FOX TV’s official website and their mobile application.

There are also alternatives to stream the season on other platforms and websites. All of its 18 seasons are currently streaming on Hulu. Previous seasons are additionally available on DirecTV, FuboTV, and Sling. 

Family Guy Season 18 Episode 10 Recap:

Family Guy Season 18 Episode 10 is titled “Connie’s Celica”. It begins with Chris who faces some issues when he cannot play the recorder properly. This is because his teacher had recently quit the job. As a result, Lois replaces her as the new music teacher at Chris and Meg’s school.

But when Connie D’Amico poses her with troubles in class, Lois sends her to the principal’s office. However, this becomes Connie’s third strike — leading to her expulsion. Full of fury and with an intention to seek revenge, Connie resorts to various bullying tactics and tries to make Lois’s life hell — prompting the new teacher to publicly threaten her. But things become really complicated when Connie is reported to have met with an auto accident from cut brake lines, which leaves her dead. No doubt, Lois becomes the prime suspect in this case, and she is arrested.

Peter, on the other hand, in order to take up responsibility, attempts to prove Lois’s innocence. However, he does not succeed even after multiple attempts and returns home. To his relief, Lois has been released. Later, it is discovered that Connie had faked her own death by placing a blond wig on Peppa Pig before the crash.

When Peter is finally home, he also finds himself the victim of the “sexual desires of a prison-buffed Lois.”