Preview: Family Guy Season 19 Episode 6

The fifth episode of ‘Family Guy’ season 19, which dropped this week, is called ‘La Famiglia Guy’. It follows Joe who asks Peter to be the godfather to his daughter. However, Peter takes his role a little too seriously, after gaining inspiration from the titular movie. In fact, he embarks on the path of becoming a real gangster. More on that later. So what new adventures are in store for the island-based brood in the 6th episode? Let us find out!

Family Guy Season 19 Episode 6 Release Date:

‘Family Guy’ Season 19 Episode 6 will release on November 15, 2020, at 9.30 pm ET/ 8.30 pm CT on FOX.

Family Guy Season 19 Episode 6 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is called ‘Meg’s Wedding’ and here is its official synopsis as outlined by Fox: “Meg plans her wedding to an unexpected Quahog resident; Peter’s arms are torn off, and he is left with tiny hands that have yet to grow back.”

Where to Watch Family Guy Season 19 Episode 6 Online?

‘Family Guy’ falls under the category of Adult Cartoons and Comedy. The best way to watch it is to tune in to FOX TV at the aforementioned time slot and catch the episode during its entire run of 20 minutes. The next option is to watch it online on FOX TV’s official website and their mobile application. Another way is to stream full episodes of the show, live or on-demand, on Fox Now, provided you have an existing cable subscription.

There are also alternatives to stream the season on other platforms and websites. All of its 18 seasons are currently streaming on Hulu. For cord-cutters, cable-free live-streaming platforms include DirecTV, FuboTV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV. You can also rent episodes and entire seasons on Amazon Prime.

Family Guy Season 19 Episode 5 Recap

In episode 5, Joe makes the mistake of asking Peter to be the godfather of his daughter, Susie. Peter takes the responsibilities too seriously and decides to follow the footsteps of Marlon Brando. He starts donning a white suit, carrying a cat, and greeting everyone in Italian. During the christening, which is conducted by a rabbi, Joe thanks everyone who had made it to the event. He also explains that Susie is now given to Christ, in all her entirety, although she does not understand anything of it.

The next morning, Brian reads the newspaper and says: “I can’t believe Mike Pence came out of the closet right before he hung himself in prison.” Coming back to Peter, his antics earn him respect and he even gets a reputation, leading him to become the leader of his own mob. However, things go for a toss when a rival gang puts a target on Peter’s head. Peter devises a plan — rat his enemies to the cops, and get them beaten to the pulp. However, this means that he needs to wear a wire at a meeting of the mafia bosses — one of the riskiest missions yet!

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