When Will Family Guy Season 19 Premiere?

‘Family Guy’ is an animated sitcom, which has boasted one of the longest runs on FOX. Created by Seth MacFarlane, it launched in 1999, and in spite of drawing comparisons with ‘The Simpsons‘, it continues to draw viewerships in massive numbers. Not to mention, it has also garnered three Emmy and three Annie Awards to date. Needless to say, the show will maintain its dominance on FOX’s animated slate for the next couple of years. Its past 18 incredible seasons are proof enough of its constant popularity. Now, read on to know when ‘Family Guy’ season 19 will release on tv screens.

Family Guy Season 19 Release Date

‘Family Guy’ season 18 premiered on September 29, 2019, on FOX. It came to an end with its 20th episode on May 17, 2020.

On May 11, 2020, FOX unveiled its Fall 2020 schedule. It was the first broadcast network to announce its planned, upcoming titles for the year, in spite of Hollywood being on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Much to the joy of fans, most of its staple animated shows are making a comeback. And this includes our favorite sitcom, ‘Family Guy’ as well! Yes, the comedy has received its official renewal.

Production for new episodes of the series had already started way before FOX made the announcement. The show is returning to its regular Sunday time-slot at 9.30 pm ET. It has also been confirmed that ‘Family Guy’ season 19 will release in late September 2020. What we don’t know yet is its exact release date. We will update this section as soon as we learn about its concrete schedule.

Family Guy Season 19 Cast: Who Can be in it?

‘Family Guy’ revolves around the members of the Griffin clan. We have the patriarch Peter Griffin (voiced by Seth MacFarlane), a guy who does a regular blue-collar job. Then there is Lois (voiced by Alex Borstein), a stay-at-home mum and piano teacher. Meg is their teen daughter, whose character is voiced by Mila Kunis. Meg is often a victim of bullying and she is regularly ignored by her fam. Chris (voiced by Seth Green) is their overweight, not-so-smart son. Stewie (also voiced by Seth MacFarlane) is the one-year-old infant who often resorts to adult behaviors. Rounding up the lead cast is the anthropomorphic dog Brian (voiced by Seth MacFarlane). In season 19, all of the lead voice cast will be making their returns.

Alongside the Griffins, we have other recurring characters voiced by a talented roster of voiceover actors. They are the members of the extended Griffin family, the neighbors from Spooner Street, Peter’s colleagues at Quahog Channel 5 News, and the kids’ peers plus teachers at Adam West High School. Season 19 is expected to see many of the supporting voice cast members making comebacks as well.

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