20 Famous Hollywood Actors and How Tall They Are

How tall is Tom Cruise? How tall is Brad Pitt? How tall is Kevin Hart? Have you found yourself asking those question often? Height of actors are mostly unrelated to their acting skills, but as a society we are fascinated by how tall people are and therefore we tend to wonder the same about celebrities. What makes us even more curious about the heights of actors is how they appear onscreen. For instance, there has always been a rumor about Tom Cruise that he makes himself appear taller on-screen. And wait till you see how tall Kevin Hart is! Obviously, filmmakers know techniques to make actors appear taller or shorter than they are. And that’s why it is nearly impossible to tell how tall an actor is by just looking at him onscreen. So, without further ado, here is the list of 20 famous actors with their respective heights arranged from shortest to tallest.

20. Kevin Hart Height: 5’2″


19. Daniel Radcliffe Height: 5’5″


18. Zac Efron Height: 5’6″


17. Tom Cruise Height: 5’7″


16. Robert Downey Jr Height: 5’8.5″


15. Tom Hardy Height: 5’9″


14. Johnny Depp Height: 5’9″


13. Eddie Redmayne Height: 5’10”


12. George Clooney Height: 5’11”


11. Brad Pitt Height: 5’11”