Fantasy Island Episode 4: What to Expect?

In the third episode of Fox’s ‘Fantasy Island’ reboot, a woman named Eileen seeks Elena’s help in reconnecting with her estranged daughter Theodora. It turns out that she is present on the island, too, and Eileen rejoices at the prospect of finally being able to talk to her. Along the way, she meets Charles, a curious physicist who wants to dissect and decipher the complex ways of the universe. If you’re interested to know more, refer to the recap section. Before the next episode hits the screen, here is all that ‘Fantasy Island’ episode 4 might focus on!

Fantasy Island Episode 4 Release Date

‘Fantasy Island’ episode 4 is scheduled to release on August 31, 2021, at 9 pm ET on Fox. The show releases new hour-long episodes every Tuesday.

Where to Watch Fantasy Island Episode 4 Online?

You can watch ‘Fantasy Island’ episode 4 as and when it airs on its home network Fox at the above-mentioned date and time. You can also catch the episode on Fox’s official website shortly after it premieres on television. Live-streaming options are available on Fubo TV and Hulu + Live TV as of now. Fans who own a subscription to Hulu can also watch the show here.

Fantasy Island Episode 4 Spoilers

In the fourth episode, titled ‘Once Upon a Time in Havana,’ Elena will meet a percussionist named Alma, whose ruptured relationship with her conservative Cuban family brings her to the island. She wants them to accept her, but for that, Alma will have to know the root cause of their dislike towards her musical career. Hence, Elena will make Alma revisit her past where she might find answers!

Fantasy Island Episode 3 Recap

In the third episode of ‘Fantasy Island,’ titled ‘Quantum Entanglement,’ Eileen, a model, lands on the island hoping to reunite with her daughter Theodora and the rest of the family. They had disowned her because of her habit of unapologetically pursuing whatever she wants. After a brief conversation with Elena, Eileen realizes that her family is also on the island. However rewarding it seems, Eileen is concerned about the downside of the arrangement.

Sure enough, it is revealed that Eileen would be invisible every time she is around her family. She is furious at Elena for having done this. Meanwhile, Charles, a practical physicist, is the second guest of the episode. All he ever wanted was to unravel the secrets of the universe, and the island was another medium for him to dig out something fantastical. He runs into Eileen’s corporeal form and discovers that he could only hear her when they touch each other.

Despite the considerable age gap, they develop feelings for each other, but Eileen soon begins to take advantage of Charles. As a result, Elena intervenes and projects a moment from Theodora’s childhood so that Eileen finally understands why her daughter keeps her distance. Elsewhere, Ruby starts to miss her home, which prompts Elena to contact Mel and bring her a note written by him. Ruby is deeply touched.

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