When Will Fauda Season 3 Release on Netflix?

‘Fauda’ is an Israeli political action series that first premiered on February 15, 2015. The show is created by Lior Raz and Ravi Issacharoff and is loosely based on their own experiences in the Israel Defense Forces. The show features the story of Doron, a commander in the Mista’arvim unit, and his team as they try to bring down terrorists from the Hamas group. You might be wondering when will ‘Fauda’ Season 3 release and what can it be about. Here’s everything we know.

Fauda Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Fauda’ Season 3 is all set to release on April 16, 2020, on Netflix.

Fauda Cast: Who’s in it?

There are numerous characters involved in the series. Lior Raz plays Doron Kavillio, the main lead of the show. Doron is married to Gali Kavillio. Netta Garti plays Gali, an unhappy married woman, who finds love outside her marriage. Gali is seen having an affair with one of the members of Doron’s unit named Naor. Tzachi Halevy plays Naor, who is one of the leading members of Doron’s unit. ‘

Tomer Kapon plays Boaz, who is the brother of Gali and very close to Doron. However, Boaz dies in Season 1. Yuval Segal plays the role of Mickey Moreno. Moreno is the commander of Doron’s former unit and also the one to pull Doron back in the team. His love interest is Nurit. Rona-Lee Shim’on plays Nurit, who is the only female commander in Doron’s unit.

Laëtitia Eïdo plays the role of Shirin. Dr. Shirin Al Abed is the love interest of Doron and a cousin of Walid. Shadi Mar’i plays the role of Walid and he is a trusted member of the Taufiq’s team. Hisham Sulliman plays Taufiq, who is also referred to as Abu Ahmad or ‘The Panther’. Hanan Hillo plays Nasrin, who is the wife of Taufiq. Fassar plays Nidal ‘El Makdessi’.

Fauda Plot: What is it about?

Doron retires from the unit after he and his team are credited with the execution of the terrorist Taufiq Hammed. However, after 18 months, he is approached by Moreno as new information surfaces that Taufiq is still alive and is soon going to attend his brother, Bashir’s, wedding. Doron joins the unit and goes on an undercover mission to infiltrate the wedding and kill Taufiq. Their covers are blown before Taufiq arrives. This results in Doron and his team killing Bashir and injuring Taufiq.

Taufiq’s right hand, Walid, convinces his cousin, Shirin, to operate on Taufiq and save his life. Amal, the widow of Bashir, on the other hand, decides to avenge her late husband’s death. She plants a bomb at a nightclub that is frequently visited by Boaz. Though the bomb does not kill Boaz, it kills his girlfriend. Doron, looking at Boaz’s condition asks him to stay out of the mission but, Boaz and Moreno insist otherwise.

This ultimately results in Boaz getting captured. Shirin is blackmailed by Taufiq’s members to plant a bomb inside Boaz and no matter how much Doron tries, Boaz ultimately dies. Shirin’s loyalty towards Doron is not taken well and Taufiq orders her execution.

Doron saves her at the last moment and learns that Taufiq needs a shahid. He enters Taufiq’s team as an undercover shahid. His cover is ultimately blown but, his team manages to rescue him and kill everyone around on the enemy’s side. Walid ultimately shoots Taufiq in the head.

In Season 2, Doron and his team face a new enemy, who is on the mission to create havoc in the entire region. Al Maqdisi is determined to bring Doron down even if it means creating a rivalry with Hamas’ political leaders. Doron’s team is suffering due to his reckless and violent actions as well. Doron realizes his family is in danger. His relationship with Shirin continues.

Walid is suspended from Hamas and Al Maqdisi takes advantage of the situation and hires someone else as the substitute of Walid. Shirin ultimately has to leave the country and part from Doron. With the help of Walid’s intel, the ‘Barbershop operation’ is planned. Though the operation is not successful, Maqdisi plans to move ahead alone. By the end of the season, he is confronted by Doron, one-on-one.

Doron and his team continue to bring down the Hamas and their even more dangerous plans in Season 3 as well.

Fauda Trailer:

You can catch the trailer of ‘Fauda’ Season 3 below.

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