Preview: FBI Season 3 Episode 4

The third episode of ‘FBI’ Season 3 that premiered this week is called ‘Liar’s Poker’. It follows the team as they tackle a case, involving a leader of a drug cartel and one of the most wanted men in the world. The whole FBI headquarters is compromised after the man is captured and his henchmen reveal a scheme to free him. You can read a more detailed recap of ‘FBI’ season 3 episode 3 at the end of this article. Here is a quick preview of the upcoming next episode.

FBI Season 3 Episode 4 Release Date

‘FBI’ season 3 episode 4 release date is January 24, 2021.

Where To Stream FBI Season 3 Episode 4 Online?

Audiences can tune in to their TV sets to watch ‘FBI’ on CBS at the aforementioned time. But if you want to watch the show online, you can stream new episodes for free on the CBS website, just a day later than their original air date. ‘FBI’ Season 3 can be streamed on-demand on iTunes, Vudu, Amazon Prime, and FuboTV as well (latest episodes will be made available 24 hours after they air on TV).

FBI Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

When an NYPD police officer is shot and murdered, the FBI team investigates the case of Officer Sanchez. Further investigation reveals that he might have known his killer — Antonio Vargas, the head of the Durango Cartel. The drug kingpin is responsible for around a third of drugs going out of Mexico. He is a globally wanted criminal and now the FBI is after him as well. The team additionally finds a witness who had seen the car — a black sedan. He also recalls the first three letters of the license plate, which spells KFC. The FBI tracks down the car to a warehouse and locates Vargas. He is arrested and brought to the HQ.

However, his foot soldiers abduct an FBI Special Agent and they fit her with a collar bomb. Elise is ordered to enter the HQ, equipped like that. The deal is clear. Release Vargas or see the whole building explode! The team decides to evacuate but Stuart stays behind with Elise. Castille talks to her seniors but they are not willing to release Vargas. The FBI team, however, locates Vargas’s foot soldiers who say that only Vargas knows how to detonate the bomb. Castille finally releases Vargas who, as promised, diffuses the bomb. Elise is safe! But when Castille is questioned by her bosses, she promises that they will catch Vargas again.

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