Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 8: What to Expect?

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ season 6 episode 7 deals with the disappearance of Dakota as Strand, Alicia, and Charlie begin a search for her. The search leads to some major revelations and the return of a surprising character. You can find detailed highlights of the episode in the recap section. If you are looking for details about ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 6 episode 8, we have got your back!

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 8 Release Date

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ season 6 episode 8 releases on April 11, 2021, at 9 pm ET on AMC. The episode will become available to subscribers of AMC+ from April 8, 2021, at 3:01 am ET for advance viewing. The sixth season consists of sixteen episodes, and new episodes will continue to air on the network in the timeslot every Sunday.

Where to Stream Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 8 Online?

You can catch ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ season 6 episode 8 when it airs on AMC on the above-mentioned date and time. Folks without that option can stream the show online on AMC’s official site by logging in with an active cable subscription. To watch the new episode, viewers can also turn to live TV streaming and VOD services such as DirecTVFubo TVPhilo TVYouTube TV, Sling TV, Vudu, Spectrum, and Amazon Prime Video. Another option is to stream the show on Hulu.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 8 Spoilers

The eighth episode of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ season 6 titled ‘The Door’ will see the shift of focus on the fan-favorite character John Dorie. Morgan will try to recruit John to fight alongside him against Virginia. However, it won’t be easy to convince John, who is still dealing with the loss of Cameron. In a moment of desperation, the truth about Cameron’s death will spill out, further complicating the matter. You can check out the promo for the new episode below.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 Recap

In the seventh episode of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ season 6, titled ‘Damage from the Inside,’ Dakota is being transported to a safe house with Strand and a group of rangers. Some walkers attack the convoy. In the ensuing chaos, everyone except Strand and a ranger named Samuel is killed while Dakota disappears. Strand reaches out to Charlie and Alicia for help in finding Dakota. However, Alicia is still mad at Strand and doesn’t respond to his calls.

The two agree to meet Strand in person, and he reveals Dakota is missing. Strand also says that he believes the people who attacked Tank Town might be behind the ambush and Dakota’s kidnapping. After much convincing, Alicia and Charlie agree to help. A group of walkers approaches the trio, but they make quick work of the walkers. However, Alicia notices that the walkers have been experimented upon. In the woods, they come across a hunting lodge. Alicia goes inside to check whether Dakota is there while Charlie remains outside. The lodge is a taxidermy studio, and a mysterious man drugs Alicia.

When Alicia wakes up, she finds herself strapped to a table. She manages to free herself and is about to escape just when Dakota walks into the room. The man, Ed, believes Alicia to be a part of the group that attacked Dakota’s convoy. Dakota quickly clears the air. Alicia wants to take Dakota away, but Dakota insists on staying. Ed talks about his family, and Dakota reveals her sister killed her parents. Later, Alicia finds Charlie hiding in the lodge and asks her to remain hidden as she is suspicious of Ed. Her suspicions come true when Ed refuses to let them leave.

Ed is impaled on a chair made of horns after a scuffle over a gun, and the gunshot attracts nearby walkers. During the fight, Ed sacrifices himself. Surprisingly Morgan arrives to rescue the group and helps them take out all the walkers. Alicia figures out that Morgan attacked Dakota’s convoy. Eventually, she agrees to accompany him and Dakota to the safe haven Morgan’s built. Strand refuses to join them and returns to Virginia. The episode ends with Strand meeting Grace, who is pregnant, and Virginia asks Strand to bring back everyone they took from Humbug’s Gulch.

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