Is Find Me in Paris Season 4 Canceled?

‘Find Me in Paris’ is a teen dramedy that follows a Russian princess named Lena Grisky, who is also a student at the Paris Opera Ballet School in 1905. However, when accidentally she time travels to the present era, she is forced to adapt to contemporary times in order to keep her identity a secret. All this while, she needs to hide from the dangerous Time Collectors as well.

The series originally debuted in April 2018 on Hulu. Almost instantly, ‘Find Me in Paris’ progressed to become a mega digital hit, with its original soundtracks being streamed more than 1.2 million times. As a result, it was eventually renewed for a second and then a third season. Season 3 dropped in August 2020 and follows Lena as she tries to uncover who she is and why everyone is so interested in her and her timepiece. She and her buddies partake in a dance workshop in the South of France and battle it out to get the only spot available. However, the Time Bureau is hot on her heels and wants to bring her back to 1905.

David Michel, president of Cottonwood Media (the production house backing the series) and managing director of Federation Kids & Family, described the third season in a press release: “The new season will push the boat out even further with exciting storylines, new characters, compelling dance sequences, and new locations that we have no doubt will continue to thrill and entertain viewers.” The finale of the third season sees Lena and gang emerging victorious against the Time Bureau. Fast forward to six months later and we see that the crew has embraced their new lives.

With three seasons, ‘Find Me in Paris’ is a premium hit tween series, which seamlessly blends world-class ballet with modern dance, drama, and comedy. And its third iteration wraps up the story without leaving any loose ends. So, this makes us wonder if the show has reached its conclusion. Well, let’s dive right in!

Find Me in Paris Season 4 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

‘Find Me in Paris’ season 3 premiered on August 21, 2020, on Hulu. All of the 26 episodes of the season landed on the same date on the platform, bringing the series total to 78 episodes. When the show was renewed for its third iteration in late 2019, it was confirmed by the creators that season 3 would be its final installment. Hulu did not cite any official reason behind the decision but it seems, the cancellation was pre-planned. If you note the storyline, it is evident that the tale was meant to wrap up within three seasons. The finale is tightly written and executed, without any loose ends. So, yes, officially, ‘Find Me in Paris’ season 4 stands canceled.

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