When Will Finding Joy Season 3 Premiere on Acorn TV?

‘Finding Joy’ is an Irish sitcom that premiered on October 18, 2018, on Acorn TV. It is created and written by IFTA winner Amy Huberman, who also plays the lead role in the series. The show is directed by John Butler, better known for ‘Handsome Devil’ and ‘The Stag’.

‘Finding Joy’ is one of the highest-rated comedy series for RTE, an Irish broadcaster, and set in County Dublin, Ireland. It follows Joy Morris, a young Irish woman, who has everything in her life under control and is living a simple life, away from heartbreaks and stress. That is until she finds herself in a professional situation that completely throws her out of her OCD level of control. In short, the story is about a young girl trying to find joy in otherwise mundane life, even after everything going against her plans.

Unlike most sitcoms, Joy Morris does not remind you of a messed-up woman trying to sort her life in her thirties. Instead, the character is extremely organized, almost to the point of no-fault, and is very content with wherever she is in life, without being too giddy about it. Her flaws make her more relatable to the viewers and the element of comedy in the show is driven through the quirks of the characters and not through the characters themselves. This is the reason, ‘Finding Joy’ has spawned two successful seasons to date. Let’s now get to the details of its third season.

Finding Joy Season 3 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

‘Finding Joy’ season 2 premiered on January 11, 2021, on Acorn TV. It consists of six episodes. Although the series has not been renewed yet, it should be not long before we hear an official announcement. Season 2, just like its predecessor, opened to positive responses. If renewed soon enough, we can expect ‘Finding Joy’ season 3 to release sometime in early 2021.

Finding Joy Season 3 Cast: Who Can be in it?

Amy Huberman plays the protagonist Joy Morris. She has previously starred in other UK comedy shows like ‘Threesome,’ ‘Striking Out’ and ‘Cold Feet.’ Lochlann O’Mearain plays the character of Aidan, Joy’s ex-boyfriend who broke up with her on the eve of their second anniversary and has now moved on with his new girlfriend.

Hannah James Scott plays the character of Trish, Joy’s best friend; Mark Doherty plays Jeffery, Joy’s manager; and Paul Reid plays Stan. Stanley Townsend and Orla Charlton play Joy’s parents. Laura Whitmore is seen as Flora Hunter, a famous vlogger, and David O’Doherty as the delivery guy. Peter McDonald plays the voice behind Canine Aiden, Joy’s pet dog, and many other recurring supporting characters.

Season 2 stars Kerry Howard as Joy’s new flatmate Christie, Ruth Kearney as her new no-nonsense assistant Emer, Kyle Prior, and Justine Mitchell. Season 3 should see the entire lead cast making a comeback.

Finding Joy Season 3 Plot: What Can it be About?

The series starts with the voice of Joy’s dog Aiden, who has dirtied her super clean white bed-sheet. She is still fine with it, as she is fine with the recent break-up with her two-year-old stable boyfriend. Joy is trying to lead her life without any stress and drama, but her best friend Trish knows that she on the verge of losing her calm. As a great best-friend that Trish is, she tries to convince Joy to join some dating app or at least get a roommate. She even plays melancholy songs on Joy’s phone so that she sheds some tears and let go of the emotions that she’s suspected to be hiding.

While Joy is balancing her emotions in her personal life, her professional life is getting out of hand. She works at an online news channel called News Today as a copy editor. While she is busy correcting grammar and punctuation in the back office, she is summoned into her Manager’s cabin. She soon realizes that she has been unfortunately promoted and now has to fill the shoes of the popular vlogger, Flora Hunter. As Flora Hunter is suffering from a tragic repercussion of plastic surgery gone wrong, Joy is now supposed to host the segment ‘Happy Hunter.’ She has to meet people who perform weird and whacky activities to find happiness.

Joy is the last person one would imagine replacing Hunter. Still, interestingly, Joy takes the opportunity to prove to Aiden, her ex-boyfriend, who is now dating a new girl, that she is not as rigid and controlling as he thinks her to be. It turns out, Joy’s amateur segment of wild activities involving therapeutic wrestling, group therapy, and life-changing abseiling is actually a hit among the audience. Joy soon realizes that the adventures of her new career path are what she requires in life to balance her personal dramas. Season 2 sees Joy as a motivated woman who wants to build her new online brand ‘Joy’ with the help of her new assistant Emer, and Stan. Season 3 should continue to follow Joy as she navigates life in her signature style.

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