Where to Stream Five Feet Apart?

Everybody loves somebody sometime, everybody falls in love somehow. ‘Five Feet Apart’ enshrines this message at its core, although the film itself is said to have been inspired by real-life couple Dalton and Katie Prager — the cancer patients famously depicted in the novel and movie ‘The Fault in Our Stars‘.

Before you rush to search what cystic fibrosis is, let us tell you it is a genetic disorder which mostly affects the lungs but might affect various other organs as well. The movie ‘Five Feet Apart’ itself takes its name from the ‘Six Foot Rule’, where patients have to be kept at least six feet or two meters away from each other, to reduce the chances of cross-infection.

Is love even possible with this mandatory distancing? Or does the heart grow fonder due to it? This is a very different love story than the ones we have encountered. It is filled with moments of genuine tenderness, and affection from people who themselves are unsure whether they will live to see tomorrow. Since they love freely, through that, they live freely. If you have not seen the movie, you should definitely watch it, and if you have seen it, you might want to rewatch it for the emotional moments.

However, before we tell you where to watch ‘Five Feet Apart’, let us tell you a little bit about the movie’s plot.

What is Five Feet Apart About?

‘Five Feet Apart’ introduces us to Stella Grant (Haley Lu Richardson), a patient suffering from cystic fibrosis or CF. Stella actively uses social media to cope with her problem and tries to lead a normal life. Enter Will Newman (Cole Sprouse), who is also a CF patient, and is at the hospital to take part in some drug trial to rid himself of the bacteria in his lungs. It is important to reiterate at this point that CF patients must be kept six feet apart, as the chances of cross-infection are high and can even result in life-threatening consequences.

Like most love stories, it starts out with Stella disliking Will, in this case, because he breaks the six feet rule sometimes. However, she eventually manages to get him to agree to adhere to it. The two begin to secretly fall in love, and they go on their first date. This is when they end up at the hospital pool and strip, revealing scars from their past surgeries. The next day is Will’s birthday, and lovers are usually considerate and willing to go above and beyond to ensure their loved ones have a good time. Thus, Stella organizes a scavenger hunt for Will, which ends in him meeting her, and they go to a room filled with Will’s friends, which Stella organizes with a little help from Poe, a fellow CF patient, and her best friend.

Things take a dark turn soon after when Poe dies and Stella regrets the fact that she never got to hug her friend. Poe’s death also makes her realize that she has been living her life too strictly, and she might not have a long time left herself. Thus, she convinces Will to leave the hospital with her to go and see the lights in the city. While they are walking, she suddenly grabs Will’s hands, but this tender gesture frightens Will, because of the increased chances of infection. Stella however, justifies it, since she is wearing gloves. Their date seems to be going great, as they find a pond and slide around, and Stella ignores calls from the hospital, which are about a possible lung transplant for her.

When Will finds out that Stella is ignoring the calls to spend more time with him, he urges her to take the transplant. This is where the date gets messy as Stella falls through the ice. Will pulls her up but she is unresponsive, and risking cross-infection, Will performs CPR on her. Once they are back at the hospital, Stella is hesitant about the transplant, but Will leverages her love for him to get her to do it. The transplant is successful, so we know Stella will survive.

When she wakes up after the operation, she sees Will through the glass of the room. Thoughtfully, he has laid out a display of lights for her, since she did not get to see the city lights after all. This is the most heartbreaking moment in the film, as Will reveals that his drug trial has not been working out, and he does not want Stella to have to deal with his eventual death. He makes her close her eyes, because he could not bear to leave with her looking at him, and once she does, he walks away. The film celebrates a brief love story, albeit a strong one, and now let us tell you where you can watch ‘Five Feet Apart’.

Is Five Feet Apart on Netflix?

Netflix has a fantastic collection where you will find something for everyone. One does not simply become a premier content provider, and the streaming platform knows that. While ‘Five Feet Apart’ is not available on Netflix, you can catch Cole Sprouse in action if you kick back with ‘Riverdale‘.

Is Five Feet Apart on Hulu?

Hulu has an excellent collection of films and television shows, and that goes for the romance genre as well. While ‘Five Feet Apart’ might not be available for Hulu subscribers, check out some wonderful films from the genre like ‘The English Patient’, ‘Juliet, Naked‘, and ‘No Strings Attached‘.

Is Five Feet Apart on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime has a wonderful library which can only be bested by Netflix perhaps. While ‘Five Feet Apart’ is not available normally for Prime subscribers, you can rent or buy the movie and watch it on the platform. It costs $5.99 to rent and $14.99 to buy. Unless you want to keep the movie in your library, we recommend renting it. You can watch it here.

Where Can I Stream Five Feet Apart Online?

No subscription to the major content providers should not stop you from streaming the movie. Head over to Vudu, YouTube or FandangoNow, where you can rent the movie at $5.99 and buy it at $14.99. Vudu and FandangoNow also have an Ultra HD option, so pick accordingly.

Is Five Feet Apart Out on DVD and BluRay?

Yes, ‘Five Feet Apart’ is now out on DVD and BluRay. It has been available since June 11, 2019. You can head here and order your copy of the movie, and you are good to go.

Can I Watch Five Feet Apart Online For Free?

Unfortunately, ‘Five Feet Apart’ cannot be viewed online for free using any legal means for now. You have to wait until it is available on one of the platforms where you can use the free trial to watch the movie.

However, we suggest that you pay for all the art that you consume.

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