Will There be a Floor Is Lava Season 2?

Floor Is Lava Season 2 Netflix

With the release of ‘Floor is Lava’, Netflix brought one of the most popular childhood games to reality TV. The game show features several teams who have to enter a room and navigate through various obstacle courses to reach the exit, except there is a problem – the floor is filled with lava (orange liquid). The team that manages to score the most points without falling, wins a grand cash prize.

The wacky and delightful reality series has been brought to us by Megan McGrath and Irad Eyal of Haymaker Media Group. Season 1 was well-received by the audiences for its thoroughly entertaining and ridiculously funny concept that showcases adults clinging onto objects as if their life depends on it. Well, if you belong to that bunch of the audience who enjoyed the show, then you must be wondering whether we will see a ‘Floor is Lava’ season 2? Let’s find out.

Floor is Lava Season 2 Release Date

‘Floor is Lava’ season 1 premiered on Netflix on June 19, 2020. All the ten half-hour episodes dropped on the same day.

The streaming giant hasn’t announced the renewal or cancellation of the show yet. However, the show lies in the same vein as hits like ‘Game On!,’ ‘Holey Moley,’ and ‘Wipeout.’ It produces laugh-inducing moments by setting up physical challenges in bizarre high-stress situations, which results in plenty of humiliating but funny falls. If it manages to meet Netflix’s standard viewership expectations and does get renewed for a second season, we expect ‘Floor is Lava’ season 2 to release sometime in 2021, on Netflix.

Who is the Host of Floor is Lava?

Rutledge Wood is the host of the reality competition show. The Alabama native is primarily an auto racing analyst and is best known for co-hosting History’s ‘Top Gear.’ He has also served as the host for the ‘NASCAR Trackside’ and Speed Road Tour Challenge 2007. You may also recognize him from the 2015 show ‘Lost in Transmission’ and the food show ‘Southern and Hungry.’ His responsibility as the host of the show is to brief the teams about the rules of the competition and also provide them updates regarding the points. If renewed for a second season, we can expect Rutledge Wood to reprise his hosting duties.

What is Floor is Lava About?

As it’s a reality show, each season follows more or less the same format. Each episode features three teams who compete for a grand cash prize. The objective is to enter the room, traverse through the objects in however way they want and reach the exit without falling into the lava. The lava is nothing but an orange liquid, which appears like lava because of the extra lighting and obviously, childhood nostalgia causes the person to behave as if it’s real. Moving on, the team members have to enter one by one, as fast as possible, and get out of the room.

The obstacles are set up in specially designed rooms that look like basement, bedroom, planetarium, kitchen, and study. The team members can either jump from the bed to the sofa, cling to the wall, swing from chandeliers or punching bags, etc. to get to their destination. Each member who successfully reaches the exit gets a point. The team with the highest points wins the competition. If there’s a tie, the team who has managed to do it faster, bags the win. The winning team gets $10,000, along with a lamp-shaped “Volcano of Victory.”

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