Floor is Lava Season 2: Where Are They Now?

As a game show that takes one of our favorite childhood pastimes and converts it into a big-budget competition, Netflix’s ‘Floor is Lava‘ genuinely lives up to every (nostalgic) expectation. It is equal parts silly, fun, entertaining, and dramatic, thanks to the wild wipeouts the contestant teams bear while literally jumping, leaping, or swinging from everyday items for a chance to win $10,000. So now that season 2 of this production is back with “bigger obstacles, higher stakes, and even hotter lava,” let’s find out what every single one of its winning squads is up to today, shall we?

Where Are Bad Daditude Now?

Comprising South California residents Chris Mann, Luke Barnett, and Tanner Thomason, Team Bad Daditude are no strangers to life in the entertainment world, let alone in front of the cameras. After all, while the former is a singer, actor (‘Pam & Tommy’), and stand-up comedian who initially rose to fame from NBC’s ‘The Voice’ season 2, Luke is a writer as well as an actor with close to 50 credits under his belt. Not only did he recently feature on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles,’ but he also has about five projects currently in the works, including the psychological thriller ‘Anne, With Love.’

Coming to Tanner, he’s an actor, writer, producer, and television presenter who you might’ve recognized from ‘The Stand at Paxton County’ or as the hilarious serving co-host of Fox TV’s ‘Dish Nation.’ More importantly, he is still the fun Uncle Tanner for Harper, Haven, JJ, Bowman, as well as Walker, whereas Chris and Luke are happily married fathers to two sons and a daughter, respectively.

Where Are The Kickballers Now?

The Kickballers, also known as Kennaye Sherice Lewis, Jaymarlon “JayDay Hilarious” Jones, and Brandon Jones, are all social media influencers dedicated to making it big in showbiz. In fact, from what we can tell, the latter is based in Atlanta at the moment, where he serves as a stand-up comedian, an event host, and an actor in the hopes of expanding his overall brand as a public figure.

Brandon actually seems to be following in the footsteps of his elder brother Jay, who has been a part of the online comedic community since 2013. Even after nine years, the Milwaukee native continues to post on TikTok, Instagram, as well as YouTube regularly, and his content is primarily either harmless public pranks or skit-based. As for Kennaye, she’s not just a social media personality, but she’s also an aspiring actress, brand ambassador, sports enthusiast, and owner of the Issa Stampede Dance Team Dance Studio.

Where Are Dad Bods Now?

Dad Bods — friends Stephen, Craig, and Jeff — gave the term father figure a whole new meaning on the Netflix original, yet it appears as if most of them prefer to stay well away from the limelight. We honestly couldn’t find any concrete information on the latter two and can thus only assume they live in (or around) Northern California like their teammate Stephen Michael Thompson. It’s also highly likely that the fathers of five (at least four of whom are seemingly sons in each case) are still wholly dedicated to their fitness.

On the other hand, we can positively report that Stephen has built a happy home for himself around Santa Clara County alongside his wife Brittny and their four children — two sons and two daughters. He did sadly lose his father to cancer in January 2022, but it seems like he’s gradually coming to terms with the situation by focusing on the good times rather than the bad. He’s a God-serving man, so he knows gratitude and positivity are the only things that matter in the long run.

Where Are The Double Bogey Brigade Now?

Like ⅔ of the Dad Bods, it looks like even The Double Bogey Brigade, comprising friends as well as golf aficionados Jelen, Justin, and Darius, like to keep their distance from the spotlight. Therefore, again, we assume that they have kept up both their close connection and their passion for the sport to give themselves the time/freedom to de-stress and have fun in the way they enjoy. Moreover, the young trio is probably also devoting their entire selves to their families and careers at the moment.

Where Is Team Too Hot Now?

Team Too Hot is made up of three very known faces; ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 1 star Harry Jowsey, ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 2 fan-favorite Chase DeMoor, and TikToker Tayler Holder. Starting with the 6’5″ 250lbs professional footballer Chase, he’s currently signed under the Michigan Panthers for the United States Football League (USFL), and he hopes it will soon lead him to a spot in the NFL. The Arizona native public figure, who seems to be spending a lot of time in Los Angeles these days, actually serves as a digital content creator on TikTok and YouTube as well.

Coming to “made in a test tube” Australian Harry, even he has settled down in the City of Angels in California to focus on building his brand as well as his career to the best of his abilities. Since then, he has managed to establish the Lolly dating app and launched an audio-video podcast called ‘Tap In,’ where he discusses everything from relationships to rumors to drama with his guests. More importantly, we should mention that the ‘Heartbreak Island’ and ‘Match Me If You Can’ alum is currently in a happy, healthy relationship with entrepreneur Sveta Bilyalova.

Last but not least, although Tayler Holder is primarily a TikToker with over 1.1 billion likes and 20.3 million followers as of writing, he has also been dabbling in the music scene since around 2020. Following “Never Was you” as well as “Human,” his most recent single is entitled “I Hope” (June 9, 2022), and he has clearly stated that he writes most of his own stuff to express his actual emotions.

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