For All Mankind: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap

“What if the space race never ended? What would the world look like? Who would astronauts be, and what would they be doing?” These were the questions that led to the making of a story that would reinvent history and present the world from the perspective of an alternate timeline.

‘For All Mankind’ is written and created by Ronald Moore, who already has extensive experience in creating sci-fi dramas and going back in time to change history. He has been a part of the ‘Star Trek’ world and re-created ‘Battlestar Galactica’ for Sci-Fi (now Syfy). He is also responsible for bringing Diana Gabaldon’s novel series, ‘Outlander’, on-screen, a drama which explores a woman’s journey a hundred years before her time. With such intriguing and successful projects, it only seems logical that Apple TV+ got hold of Moore to create an imaginative sci-fi series for them.

For All Mankind Episode 10 Release Date

‘For All Mankind’ Season 1 released on Apple TV+ on November 1, 2019, with the first three episodes. The plan was always to premiere the show with three episodes first and then air rest of the episodes weekly. Which means, ‘For All Mankind’ Episode 10 will release on December 20, 2019.

The show comes from Ron Moore, who has already exhibited expertise in the matter. The success of his previous ventures makes a promising case for this show as well. What further works in its favour is the fact that despite being heavy on science fiction (because, apparently, it takes imagination to put women on the Moon), the story also deals with social and political elements which have been infested in the society, not just American, for so long.

Apart from the political reasons that led to a decline in the interest in space exploration, it also focuses on the issue of gender inequality. ‘For All Mankind’ is an eye-opener for a lot of reasons, which is why it seems crude to get over the story in just one season. Apple TV+ and creator Moore are aware of this, and so, the series has already been renewed for a second season. Reportedly, production has already started on it, but there is no official confirmation from Apple TV+. Since the streaming service has only a handful of shows (yet) to go forward with, they would want to keep the production going, without causing any delays on sure-shot projects like this. We can expect ‘For All Mankind’ Season 2 to drop sometime in November 2020. When we receive more news on this subject, we will update this section.

For All Mankind Cast: Who’s in it?

The cast of ‘For All Mankind’ is led by Joel Kinnaman, who plays the role of Edward Baldwin, an astronaut who becomes a part of the highly competitive space race, in which the Soviet Union already has an upper hand. Kinnaman is a familiar face for the audience, best known for his role in ‘The Killing’. Since then, he has appeared in Netflix’s sci-fi show, ‘Altered Carbon’, DC’s ‘Suicide Squad’ and Prime Video’s action thriller, ‘Hanna’.

Michael Dorman, who is known for his work in ‘Patriot’ and ‘The Secret Life of Us’, appears as Gordo Stevens. Wrenn Schmidt (‘Person of Interest’, ‘Boardwalk Empire’, ‘The Americans’) plays the role of Margo Madison, Sarah Jones (‘The Path’, ‘Alcatraz’, ‘Sons of Anarchy’) plays Tracy Stevens, Shantel VanSanten (‘One Tree Hill’, ‘The Flash’, ‘The Boys’) plays Karen Baldwin and Jodi Balfour (‘True Detective’ and Jackie Kennedy in ‘The Crown’) plays the role of Ellen Waverly. A number of historical figures also make an appearance in the show. The Apollo 11 team- Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, is played by Jeff Branson, Chris Agos and Ryan Kennedy, respectively. The characters of John Glenn and Pete Conrad are also a part of the story, portrayed on screen by Matt Battaglia and Steven Pritchard.

For All Mankind Plot: What’s it About?

The Cold War marked the beginning of a staunch rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union. Because they couldn’t directly go to war, each of them wanted to better the other in various fields. One of those categories of competence was space. With Yuri Gagarin, the Soviets had already put a man in space. America quickly followed suit by sending out John Glenn. The race picked up pace when America quickened its steps towards landing a man on the Moon. This feat meant that America had won the Space Race and that’s where the competition ended. But, what if, America didn’t win. What if the Soviet Union accomplished this task instead? ‘For All Mankind’ explores this possibility through a series of events that reinvigorates people’s investment in space and beyond.

The series begins with a dejected NASA watching Soviet Union plant its feet on the Moon. However, this defeat only fuels their purpose and they decide to one-up their competitor by landing a woman on the Moon. The problem is that the American space program does not have female astronauts yet. And so, the quest begins, to find and train a suitable candidate and to win back their pride.

How the series tackles this scenario is something to look forward to. Especially considering the fact that no woman has landed on the Moon, yet, despite a good number of female astronauts in the space program. NASA does plan to set course for such a mission with Artemis, but even that event is about 3-4 years in the future. There is also the fact to consider that after Glenn’s time in space (1962), the Soviet Union sent Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space, only a year later (1963). It took the US two more decades to send Sally Ride in space, making her the first American woman to do so. In contrast, twelve men have walked on the Moon, the last of which was Harrison Schmitt, back in 1972. Since then, there has been a marked decrement in the enthusiasm and advancement in the space program, which is what becomes the major driving point of ‘For All Mankind’.

For All Mankind Trailer

For space enthusiasts, ‘For All Mankind’ presents a never-before explored story. High on production value and hopeful in its ideology, it is one of the shows that you shouldn’t miss. You can catch all its episodes on Apple TV+. Watch the trailer here.

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