For Life Season 3: Everything We Know

Inspired by the true story of Isaac Wright Jr., ‘For Life’ is a legal drama television series that follows the journey of a man who was incarcerated for a crime he did not commit. At the center of the show is Aaron Wallace, who was imprisoned for life, but he becomes a lawyer and a defense attorney for others and also finally proves his innocence. Created by Hank Steinberg, the series first premiered on February 11, 2020. It has been praised for the performances and the sensitivity with which the script deals with the subject matter. The show was renewed for its second run shortly after the George Floyd protests, making it a relevant part of the national conversation. Obviously, the fans are looking forward to seeing more and are waiting to hear whether there will be a season 3. Here is everything we know!

For Life Season 3 Release Date

‘For Life’ season 2 released on November 18, 2020, on ABC, with the season finale airing on February 24, 2021. The second season consists of ten episodes with a running time of 43 minutes each.

As far as the third season is concerned, there isn’t much news. No public statements have been made announcing the renewal of the series for season 3. The show seems to be approaching its natural end, especially since Aaron is released from prison in season 2. However, Andy’s fate still hangs in the balance, and if the trial does not go as hoped, there is scope for carrying the story arc forward.

It is also impossible to ignore that the series deals with a very relevant and timely concern, especially in the wake of the ongoing civil unrest in the USA that has been calling out the systemic racism towards black people in the country. These factors hint at the possibility of another installment of the show.

With regard to the question of when season 3 will release, here is the deal. Season 2 began filming in August 2020, although it was interrupted by COVID-19. Despite that, the show managed to release season 2 in November, so it is safe to say that not much time is required for production. Therefore, if the series is renewed by summer, we can expect ‘For Life’ season 3 to release sometime in Fall 2021.

For Life Season 3 Cast: Who can be in it?

The series revolves around Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock), who becomes a lawyer while still in jail. Safiya Masry (Indira Varma) is the warden of the prison where Aaron had been serving a life sentence. She believes in a reformatory approach and does her best to help him. Marie Wallace (Joy Bryant) used to be Aaron’s wife, with whom she has a daughter, Jasmine (Tyla Harris). Henry Roswell (Timothy Busfield) is a former New York senator who supports Aaron.

Other characters in the show are Andy Josiah (Royce Johnson), Marcel Josiah (Jace Bently), Elaine Josiah (Amina Robinson), Officer Phillip Matranga (Paul Bomba), Sherwin Maloof (Nasser Faris), Edgar Lindsley (Charlie Kevin), and Lieutenant Diaz (Adrian Alvarado). If the series returns with a third season, we may see most of the mentioned actors reprising their respective roles. We may also be introduced to a few new characters; hence new actors may join the cast.

For Life Season 3 Plot: What can it be about?

The second season marks an important milestone in Aaron’s life as he regains his freedom after proving his innocence. We know that he continues to fight for others who have been wronged by the system. By the end of season 2, his main focus is on Andy’s trial. Officer Lindsley and Lt. Diaz have been fundamental in shrouding the truth, and Aaron wants to expose them, even though it puts him in the line of fire.

If there is a season 3, we may see the aftermath of Andy’s trial. Aaron Wallace’s character is loosely based on Isaac Wright Jr., who is an active contributor to the series and its writing. Therefore, there may be many more cases that could inspire the third season if the show is renewed.

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