Forged in Fire: Beat the Judges Season 2: Everything We Know

You must have heard of History’s superhit competition, ‘Forged in Fire’ right? Well, ‘Forged in Fire: Beat the Judges’ is an epic spin-off that raises the stakes even higher. Here, competing bladesmiths need to prove their prowess while facing off renowned ‘Forged in Fire’ Masters. Well, after a short run, season one of this high-octane reality series has wrapped up. Let us now check if the show has the option to spawn another season.

Forged in Fire: Beat The Judges Season 2 Release Date:

‘Forged in Fire: Beat the Judges’ season 1 premiered on June 3, 2020, at 9 pm ET/ 8 pm CT on History Channel. It consists of six episodes. Considering the popularity of its long-running predecessor, namely, ‘Forged in Fire’, we are optimistic that even ‘Beat the Judges’ is here to stay. We hope to receive news on the new season soon enough. If given a go-ahead in the next couple of months, we can expect ‘Forged in Fire: Beat The Judges’ Season 2 to premiere sometime in summer 2021.

Forged in Fire: Beat The Judges Season 2 Cast: Host And Judges

Each episode of this competition features a team of skilled bladesmiths who battle it out to reach the top. The final two performers then compete against a featured, seasoned judge. In season 1, we meet five famed former ‘Forged in Fire’ Masters. First up is Wil Willis, a former Army Ranger, and an Air Force Pararescueman. He holds practical experience in forging weapons in real battle scenarios. Wil knows that the design of a weapon is the sole deciding factor between life and death. He serves as the host, as well as, one of the members of the judging panel.

J. Neilson has been in the profession of making knives for two decades and was also recognized as the Mastersmith in the American Bladesmith Society. He has his own shop in the woods in Pennsylvania and is an expert in sole authorship blade-making. J. serves as one of the judges in the contest. Joining him is Doug Marcaida, a specialist in forging edged weapons, used in combat. He is also an exceptionally talented martial artist and is experienced in hand-to-hand combat and battlefield strategy.

Rounding up the judging panel, we have David Baker and Ben Abbott. David is a globally recognized swordsmith who has expertise in making the globe’s rarest edged weapons. He constantly researches long-lost techniques and analyzes world-class collections to polish his knowledge. On the other hand, Ben is a two-time ‘Forged in Fire’ champion and he has been making weapons since the age of 13. He is extremely adept at making knives and also specializes in other tools, ornamental ironwork, jewelry, furniture, etc. In season 2, we expect the entire judging panel to make a return.

What Can Forged in Fire: Beat The Judges Season 2 be About?

Each episode of this high-stakes reality competition throws the limelight on a bunch of competitors, who are previous ‘Forged in Fire’ Champions. They make a comeback to compete against a renowned ‘Forged in Fire’ Master. First, the participants need to beat one another to prove their skills. The remaining two bladesmiths then compete with a seasoned judge to make a perfect, functioning blade. If the challenger’s creation is better than that of the judge, he takes home the prize money of $10K. Season 2 will embrace the same format, with some twists introduced in the gameplay.

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