Foundation Episode 8 Release Date and Spoilers

Coming off some of the show’s biggest reveals in episode 7, a lot is happening in the world (or should we say galaxy) of ‘Foundation.’ Gaal and Hari are reunited but seem to realize that not everything is going according to their crucial plan. The Anacreon strategy is also revealed, which seems to hint that things will get very violent very soon. The epic saga shows no signs of slowing down as massively consequential events continue to occur across the galaxy. What happens next? Only the upcoming episode can tell us! Here’s everything we know about ‘Foundation’ episode 8.

Foundation Episode 8 Release Date

‘Foundation’ episode 8 is set to premiere on November 5, 2021, at 3 am ET on Apple TV+. The first two episodes premiered simultaneously on September 24, 2021, on the streaming platform. All-new episodes of the sci-fi series release every Friday.

Where To Stream Foundation Episode 8 Online?

‘Foundation’ is an Apple Original production, and therefore, episode 8 will be available exclusively on their streaming platform— Apple TV+. All-new episodes, as well as previously released episodes, are available on the streaming service. Apple TV+ also offers a 7-day free trial that you can use to check out the show.

Foundation Episode 8 Spoilers

Episode 8 is titled ‘The Missing Piece’ and promises to be a pivotal chapter of the show. There are a couple of missing pieces that the title can refer to, the most likely of which is one that fits into Hari Seldon’s plan for the future of civilization. Considering his recently revived digital consciousness has just realized that the plan is going off-track, there is most likely a new and important detail about it that will be revealed in the upcoming episode. Another related aspect that will almost certainly be explored is Gaal’s newly discovered ability to perceive the future.

We can also expect to see the tense situation on the Invictus develop further as Salvor grapples with the news that she and her fellow Foundation members are on a suicide mission. There will most likely be a violent standoff between the Warden and her captors, the Anacreons.

Lastly, Brother Day is expected to follow through with his promise and undertake Luminism’s brutal religious journey to the center of the Great Spiral. This promises to be a pivotal moment for the galaxy’s emperor as he tries to prove his legitimacy and power to the trillions of members of one of the galaxy’s most populous religions.

Foundation Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7, titled ‘Mysteries and Martyrs,’ opens with Salvor and the rest of the abducted Foundation members taken to the ancient and powerful ship known as the Invictus. It is revealed that the Anacreons, led by Phara, plan on using it to destroy Trantor and bring the Galactic Empire to its knees as revenge for the destruction of their planet.

Meanwhile, Gaal discusses the night of Hari’s murder with a digitized version of the late mathematician’s consciousness and learns that she was meant to be on Terminus instead of on the ship she now finds herself on. Hence, it is revealed that Hari’s plan is off-track, and, as they probe further, Gaal realizes to her horror that she can perceive the future. As it turns out, Hari’s plan is disturbed because of this ability, and Gaal grapples with the shocking knowledge even as she continues her journey towards Hari’s home planet, Helicon.

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