Four More Shots Please! Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, News

Four More Shots Please! is set in millennial Mumbai where four women in their 20s and 30s serve as pillars of support to one another as they battle rampant sexism in the society on their roads to success in love, career and sex. The series is directed by Anu Menon (you know her as the director of the Ali Zafar-starrer London, Paris, New York) and written by Ishita Moitra and Devika Bhagat. Rangita Pritish Nandy serves its producer. Four More Shots Please! made its debut on Amazon’s Prime Video on January 24, 2019, and consists of ten episodes.

Four More Shots Please! Cast: Who’s in it?

The series boasts of a cast and crew that predominantly consists of women. We have Sayani Gupta playing Damini Rizvi Roy “D”, a hot-shot entrepreneur, Kirti Kulhari as Anjana Menon, a divorced lawyer raising her only daughter amidst a variety of hardships, Bani J as Umang Singh, a bisexual gym trainer who falls in love with her celebrity client and Maanvi Gagroo as Siddhi Patel, a virgin at 23 looking for love. The show also has Prateik Babbar (owner and bartender at a bar our four leads are known to frequent), Milind Soman (Damini’s Gynaecologist), Lisa Ray (Umang’s love interest), Neil Bhoopalam (as Varun Khanna, Anjana’s ex-husband), Amrita Puri (Varun’s girlfriend), Sapna Pabbi and Simone Singh in a supporting capacity.

Four More Shots Please! Plot: What is it about?

Four More Shots Please! is an ambitious story of unceasing friendship between four urban women who share their unstable relationships, family feuds, work qualms, career woes and anxieties as they navigate life in the city of Dreams, Mumbai. The series begins with three-time “Fearless Journalist” award winner Damini Rizvi Roy fantasising about her gynaecologist in broad daylight. As she is brought back to senses, we identify her to be a successful journalist and owner of a startup whose board of directors are out to discredit her and replace her with newcomer Akanksha Moitra who specialises in celebrity gossip. An enraged Damini is seen fighting the battle earnestly with her best friend Anjana Menon by her side. Neither of the two has a stable personal life, what with Damini moving from one partner to another owing to her OCD and Anjana balancing her professional life whilst taking care of her daughter, Arya without any help from her ex-husband. Despite the odds, Damini continues to work on her brand of journalism and registers her fourth win in a row for ousting trolls on the internet.

Then there is Umang Singh from Punjab who leaves behind her modest background to pursue a life in Mumbai following a break up with her girlfriend. She works as a PT in one of the most reputed training facilities in the city where she falls in love with a known actress, Samara Kapoor and starts a relationship with her. Her misfortune with relationships continues as Samara, a closeted lesbian, values her career more than her love life and refuses to acknowledge their love. The fourth wheel in this friendship is Sidhi Patel, the youngest of the lot who believes in fairy tale romances and puts herself out there time and again in hopes of finding her love story. She desperately seeks her overcritical mother’s validation and works hard to tune into the demands of society.

The four women, unwittingly walk into the Truck Bar one night and chance upon each other and the owner of the bar and thus begins a friendship to last a lifetime. According to London-based director Anu Menon, the idea to produce Four More Shots Please! sprung up from a similar setting our four lead women on the show are seen constantly seeking – the company of their beloved girlfriends at the end of a hard day or week, looking to bare their hearts out over a couple of shots. She said, “When Rangita came up with the idea, she was out having a drink with a friend, and she said that she liked the idea of four women meeting every Friday and discussing their lives. And that’s where it came from. I think all of us do that — we go to a pub on Friday night and hang out, and all of us bring our lives with us. You can be liberated, smoke, drink and cuss and you can do all of that if you’re conservative as well.” She added, “Is there anything more satisfying than a girls’ night out? That is the energy that this captures: ‘When I’m with you guys, all’s well with the world’.”

Four More Shots Please! is an honest look into the lives of these women who live life unapologetically on their own terms and do not wait around for a man to save the day.

Four More Shots Please! Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Four More Shots Please! might have just been the beginning of a long-lasting friendship story that could continue for a few seasons. Towards the end of the series, Damini finds love in Jeh but jeopardises it, Anjana lays her insecurities to rest and relinquishes control of her dating life, Umang comes out as a bisexual to her family, and Siddhi loses her virginity to an old friend who then proposes to her. However, it doesn’t end here. Catastrophe strikes once again, but that may just have laid the ground for a potential season 2. We don’t have any confirmed news whether there will be a second season. If the series were to be renewed and Amazon were to stick to its previous season’s pattern, it is likely that the second season of Four More Shots Please! would release in January 2020. Stay tuned, in the meanwhile!

Four More Shots Please! Trailer

Watch the series push envelopes with its honest approach towards sexism and break stereotypes one episode at a time. You would do it justice to binge-watch with your inner circle of friends or BFFs. Below is the official trailer to get you started. The series is available to stream on Amazon’s Prime Video.

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