Frank Lucas Net Worth

How much is Frank Lucas Net worth? $1.5 Million

How did Frank Lucas earn his money and wealth?

Frank Lucas is an 87-year old eminent trafficker of drugs, born in 1930 on September 9th in the city of North Carolina named La Grange and brought up in Greensboro, North Carolina. Lucas traded in Harlem, New York during the late 1960’s up till early 1970’s, specifically known for cutting down the Broker by directly dealing with the core source of Golden Triangle in buying Heroin.

Lucas claims the influence that made him begin a criminal life was in the incident when he himself witnessed the Murder of his 12 Years old cousin by “Ku Klux Klan”, seemingly for looking at a woman of Caucasoid in Greensboro, he fled to the city of New York as advised by his mother. Later in Harlem, when he was indulged in a petty crime and pool hustling, he was taken under the wing of a gangster “Bumpy Johnson”, spending a duration of 5 years with Johnson and after his death, he made his way eventually to “Jack’s American Star Bar” and met a U.S former Army Sergeant Leslie (aka Atkinson), who married one of Lucas’s Cousin. It is said that Lucas had Atkinson in shipping his drugs through American Soldier’s Corpses & Coffins, but on an interview for a magazine article that was published in 2000, he denied it and said to have shipped them through furniture. “Drug Enforcement Administration” nicknamed Atkinson as “Sergeant  Smack”.

Whatever the source of shipping had been, with his direct link in Asia, he smuggled the drugs into the country and he said he made $1 Million a day by selling them which was thought to be an exaggeration. Special Prosecutor of New York, “Sterling Johnson” called Lucas’ Operation as “One of the most shocking dope-smuggling gangs ever, a pioneer who got his connections outside the states and sold Narcos by himself”. Lucas’s heroin was 98-100% pure and he called it “Blue Magic”, hence the profit he made. Frank Lucas bought a lot of the property over the country, including many apartments in Miami and Los Angeles and even office buildings in Detroit. Few television serials also featured Lucas like “Gangland”,”American Gangster”, and the third episode of the first season of “Drug Lords” documentary by Netflix.

He is believed to have had over $52 million in various banks and almost 1,000 kilograms of heroin on hand, which itself would fetch him $300,000 a kilo. He owns several thousand acre lands called “Paradise Valley” in North Carolina. Lucas was taken as an inspiration for the Hollywood gangster movie named “The Ripoff”, for which he himself contributed nearly $100,000 into the movie, and also lent the production several of his exotic automobiles. Due to some issues, the movie never finished and has not released till date.

He was sentenced to 70 years in prison. He turned informant and gave the names of everyone in the Racket, Mafia Accomplices, Corrupted Members of New York Police and even gave up Atkinson and was rewarded with reduced 15 years in his sentence.

What are the most popular appearances of Frank Lucas?

  • American Gangster (Season 2, Episode 5) (2007)
  • Drug Lords (Season 1, Episode 3)

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