Freakshow Cakes Season 2: Everything We Know

‘Freakshow Cakes’ is a Halloween-themed series that is branded as a one-of-a-kind cake showdown, which follows freakishly talented baking experts as they create the scariest, tastiest, and bizarre-st cakes imaginable. In this reality competition show, the contestant who showcases the wildest and hair-raising cake design is declared as the Freakshow Champion and receives a grand $10,000 as prize money. Well, after a fabulous inaugural run, let’s check out the details of its second edition.

Freakshow Cakes Season 2 Release Date:

‘Freakshow Cakes’ season 1 premiered on Friday, October 4, 2019, at 11 pm ET and 8 pm PT, on Cooking Channel. The show premieres on October 18, 2020, on Food Network under a different name, ‘Halloween Freakshow Cakes’. As of now, Cooking Channel has not renewed it for a new edition. If they go ahead with a second outing, we can expect ‘Freakshow Cakes’ season 2 to premiere sometime in October 2021.

Freakshow Cakes Season 2 Hosts

This baking competition is hosted by Zac Young and Vivian Chan. Young is a pastry chef and tv personality, best known for his appearances in ‘Unique Sweets’, ‘Top Chef: Just Desserts’, ‘Beat Bobby Flay‘, ‘Chopped’, and ‘Worst Cooks in America’. He is the pastry director in Craveable Hospitality Group. Meanwhile, Chan is a digital culinary producer at Discovery. Both Young and Chan will make a comeback in a potential second season.

What Can Freakshow Cakes Season 2 be About?

‘Freakshow Cakes’ follows a team of three “sinister” cake artists on each episode as they churn out “wildly imaginative and hair-raising” creations. The one who makes it to the top by carving the weirdest, scariest cake gets the chance to take home a sum of US$10,000. He or she also wins the coveted title of Freakshow Champion. Each episode pits the contestants against one another by giving tough, bizarre challenges while gathering inspiration from clowns, snakes, fortune tellers, and flame shows. The participants need to step inside a sideshow tent to execute the tasks while being overseen by hosts Vivian Chan and Zac Young

One of the episodes centers around the theme of clowns, which are supposed to be laughter-inducing, fun-loving, and entertaining characters. But here is the twist. The bakers need to create the creepiest clown-themed desserts that would scar kids and adults alike for a lifetime. And as if this is not enough, Vivian Chan and Zac Young task the contestants with creating concession stand sideshow treats. In another scary test, the hosts challenge the three, featured cake enthusiasts to imagine what would happen if the dangerous profession of snake charming goes wrong. Moreover, each team also requires to create a sweet treat, containing a hidden surprise, that complements their sinister creation.

On yet another episode, the contestants are challenged to whip out mystical fortune-teller cakes. However, in a sudden twist, the crystal ball is revealed to bring only tragedy and disaster. Now, the teams need to make a shocking sideshow sweet which complements their main act. Again, the candidates are thrown this challenge where they need to curate smoking hot cakes based on fire-breathers. Chan and Young next ask them to come up with a fiery sideshow sweet that perfectly matches the scintillating display.

The themes showcased on ‘Freakshow Cakes’ are so dark that they explore the darkest corners of the bakers. The contestants not only bake a cake but they tell a story through these marvelous creations of art. For instance, when the contestants are asked to make creepy clowns themed desserts, they face a very complicated challenge that demands the right amount of detailing with the perfect depiction of creepiness. Season 2 will stick to the same format and showcase another bunch of super-talented bakers as they create more freakishly-creative edible desserts.

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