Will There be a Fridge Wars Season 2?

Fridge Wars Filming Locations

Stocking up on leftovers (which are deemed useless) in our refrigerators is a common occurrence. But with a little bit of creativity, these seemingly unusable scraps can be revamped into delicious treats. Well, this is the concept behind ‘Fridge Wars’, the Canadian reality series that dropped in February 2020 on CBC Television. So unique is its format that the show was eventually picked by The CW. After impressing fans in both Canada and the US, let’s find out if there is any possibility of the culinary competition making a comeback with a second edition.

Fridge Wars Season 2 Release Date:

‘Fridge Wars’ season 1 premiered on August 2, 2020, on The CW at 9 pm ET. Prior to its US release, it aired on CBC in Canada from February 27, 2020, to April 2, 2020, spanning six episodes. As of now, CBC has neither canceled nor renewed the show for a new edition. But considering the warm response of viewers, we would not be surprised if a renewal is announced in the coming months itself. Once the creators give a go-ahead to the series, we can expect ‘Fridge Wars’ season 2 to premiere sometime in early 2021.

Fridge Wars Season 2 Host

‘Fridge Wars’ is hosted by Emma Hunter. The Canadian actress and comedian is notable for her role in ‘Mr. D’ and for serving as the co-anchor in the news satire series ‘The Beaverton’. She has also made appearances in ‘L.A. Complex’, ‘Royal Canadian Air Farce’, and ‘Mary Goes Round’. Hunter is expected to resume her hosting duties in season 2 as well.

Alongside Hunter, each episode of ‘Fridge Wars’ features two professional chefs battling it out to curate restaurant-quality meals using only the contents found in the refrigerators of real families (who also happen to be the judges). The chefs featured in season 1 are Matt Basile vs. Massimo Capra, Shahir Massoud vs. Wallace Wong, Nicole Gomes vs. Dustin Gallagher, La-Toya Fagon vs. Julie Miguel, Nadia G vs. Rodney Bowers, and Shane Chartrand vs. Joshna Maharaj. Season 2 will feature a fresh batch of chefs battling it out to emerge as the episodic winner (s) of this interesting face-off.

What Can Fridge Wars Season 2 be About?

A culinary competition show, ‘Fridge Wars’ pits a pair of top celebrity chefs against each other as they whip up delicious meals using only the ingredients and leftovers found in the refrigerators of regular families. In each episode, we follow host Emma Hunter as she makes a surprise visit to a home and conducts a fridge raid. The ingredients are handed over to the two featured chefs in that particular episode. They get 45 minutes to create a masterpiece.

Once the designated time frame is over, the fam gathers around the dining room table and taste the final dishes. They score the meals, based on looks, taste, and originality. The same sequence of events takes place in the house of the second fam. Here, the stakes are higher since the chefs need to tackle a surprise culinary crisis. Finally, both the scores from the families are tabulated and the highest scorer is given the title of Fridge Wars champion. Season 2 will obviously stick to the same format, with a few tweaks introduced in the gameplay, in order to do away with monotony.

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