Will There be a Frozen 3?

Disney is the king of content in today’s world of entertainment. Especially when it comes to animated content, almost nobody can beat Disney. Be it the animation technologies used or the layered narratives, the House of Mouse has been delivering hits for as long back as viewers can remember.

One of their most famous additions has been ‘Frozen‘ which immediately captivated fans with the story of the magical princess Elsa, while exploring her relationships and mindset about how she deals with growing up, being special. The sequel, titled ‘Frozen 2’, simply, continues the tale of Elsa. However, this time we see her on an adventure with Anna and the others, as they try and trace the origins of Elsa’s powers.

It is common practice for a sequel to be an origin story, since fans are captivated by the characters and are eager to know more about them, including their source of powers. That being said, you might already be wondering if Disney will go a step further and make ‘Frozen 3’. After all, it is the age of sequels and reboots, and nobody does it better than Disney. With that in mind, we bring you everything we know about ‘Frozen 3’.

Frozen 3 Plot: What Can It Be About?

The plot of ‘Frozen 3’ will most likely follow Elsa on an adventure once again, with her sister, Anna by her side. They are likely to be accompanied by Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf, who are all characters we have come to appreciate greatly. That being said, it remains to be seen what kind of adventures they get up to.

The first movie is about Elsa coming to terms with her powers, while the second is about an exploration of the origins of her powers. If the movies continue in the same direction, the third movie could very well set up Elsa using her powers for the betterment of her kingdom. There is also a chance that we could see Elsa battling evil using the powers that she has learned to control.

While it remains to be seen what adventures Disney sends her on, in the upcoming movie, there is more news on the relationship front for Elsa. Notably, she was supposed to have a girlfriend in the second movie itself, as some sources close to Disney have claimed. However, it was deemed too early, and there was a fear that some countries might ban a movie with an openly gay princess. However, one must keep in mind that Disney is increasingly making a push to be inclusive in portraying races, genders, and sexual preferences in their movies. Even Marvel is getting gay superheroes.

Thus, the idea is that Elsa will have a girlfriend in ‘Frozen 3’, which will seal the question of her sexuality once and for all. Moreover, the hope is that by the time ‘Frozen 3’ comes out, the world will be much more accepting of homosexuality.

While the news of Elsa’s sexuality will definitely be a big reveal, Disney will be sure to wrap it in an enthralling tale to make the upcoming movie memorable even within a splendid franchise. That being said, ‘Frozen’ and ‘Frozen 2’ make for a complete tale, so ‘Frozen 3’ would have to take the story in a new direction.

Frozen 3 Cast: Who Can Be In It?

In the event that ‘Frozen 3’ takes place, we can expect to see the same cast back once again. Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell are going to be back as Elsa and Anna. The former has admitted that she hasn’t dealt with the finality of ‘Frozen 2’, indicating that she might be up for another movie.

Jonathan Groff, who plays Kristoff, and Josh Gad, who plays Olaf, have both expressed sadness at ‘Frozen 2’ wrapping up, and has expressed great affection for their characters, which helped them reach out to a lot of people. Considering their reactions, both could be on board for a third film. Alfred Molina, who plays the role of Elsa’s father in the movie, might not be coming back for the third movie at all. In fact, the actor is the only one among the cast members who told Variety that there might not even be a third movie. However, considering his statements were made even before the second movie released, fans should take it with a pinch of salt.

Frozen 3 Crew: Who Can Be Behind It?

If ‘Frozen 3’ does get made, we know that Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee would definitely want to be a part of it. They have not only co-directed ‘Frozen 2’ but have co-written it as well. Notably, Lee commented about the possibility of ‘Frozen 3’, saying that though ‘Frozen 2’ felt final, she believed in a ‘never say never’ attitude. Lee added that she got involved in the project because she loved the world and the characters, and thus was unprepared to leave it. She concluded saying, there could be more to the story.

Buck backed Lee’s sentiment saying that nothing ever closed the door, and there was always a possibility for another movie. However, he did note that the story is wrapped up in two parts, and does not particularly need another installment.

Although redundant, I’ll mention it nonetheless. Disney will be handling the animation and the distribution in the event ‘Frozen 3’ is made, looking to capitalize on the popularity of the franchise.

Frozen 3 Release Date: When Can It Premiere?

‘Frozen 2’ was announced in 2015, while the first movie released in 2013. After that, it took about four more years to materialize, putting the time between the two movies at six years. Readers must keep in mind that ‘Frozen 3’ has not even been greenlit, and Disney has a pretty busy slate, for now, having acquired several of Fox’s projects as well due to the merger.

Thus, optimistically speaking, it will be a long wait till ‘Frozen 3’, and the movie is not likely to release anytime before 2024.

Frozen 3 Trailer:

‘Frozen 3’ does not have a trailer yet, naturally, but you can check out the trailer for ‘Frozen 2’ to get an idea of what the third installment might have in store.

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