Fugou Keiji Balance Unlimited Episode 7: Release Date and Streaming Details

It’s ironic how the main characters of every buddy cop movie and shows are written in such a way that they don’t get along with each other but it’s their chemistry that actually moves the story forward. ‘Fugou Keiji: Balance: Unlimited’, a buddy-cop comedy series, is also primarily driven by its two hilarious cop protagonists. Other than that the charm and comedy that these two characters bring to the table, there are also some memorable action scenes in this one. With that said, here’s everything you need to know about its next episode.

Balance Unlimited Episode 7 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited’ episode 7 is scheduled to release on August 27, 2020.

Where to Watch Balance Unlimited Episode 7 English Dub Online?

The English subtitled version of ‘Fugou Keiji: Balance: Unlimited’ Season 1 is available on Funimation in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. And it’s also receiving a weekly broadcast on Fuji TV in Japan.

Balance Unlimited Spoilers

Haru Kato, an officer at Japan’s Modern Crimes Prevention Task Force, is the central character of ‘Fugou Keiji: Balance: Unlimited’. He is very loyal to his job and always makes sure that he chooses the right moral path every time he’s out hunting criminals. In the first episode of the series, He joins forces with a fellow officer named Shinnosuke Kamei and takes on the responsibility of securing the Ginza Classic Car Festival, while other officers try to find a suspected bomber who is planning to kill the foreign prince. While they are at it, two burglars nearby look inside a burglar store with the intention of robbing it. Back at the Festival, the senior officers manage to get their hands on the bomber, but before they know it, the burglars accidentally steal the bomber’s car and unknowingly take his bomb with them.

This when Haru Kato crosses paths with Daisuke Kanbe, a spoilt rich cop who bribes his way into any department he wants. Haru and Kanbe get together and start trailing the two burglars. Kanbe drives like there’s no tomorrow but relentlessly throws in his cash for all the collateral damage that he causes with his rash driving. Soon after this, the two robbers drive off-road and drop into the river. Haru jumps in the river to get them out of their car on time and then defuses the bomb using his expertise. In the meantime, as always, Kanbe just stands there and blows some more cash. From the moment he first meets Kanbe, Haru hates how he uses his money to solve missions. But at the same time, he also despises how he now has to be his crime-solving partner.

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