Game of Talents Season 2: Everything We Know

Presented by popular television personality Wayne Brady, ‘Game of Talents’ revolves around two teams of contestants pitted against each other as they attempt to decipher a group of performers’ hidden talent, relying on first impressions and other complex clues. Seven such performers are featured in every episode as the contestants take them on one at a time.

The winner can take home a whopping $220,000, provided he is an astute guesser. The highly investigative and imaginative nature of the series, coupled with its resemblance to a typical game show, makes it a suitable watch for all types of audiences. If you loved the first season and are curious about the second season’s release, here’s all the information we have on ‘Game of Talents’ season 2!

Game of Talents Season 2 Release Date

‘Game of Talents’ season 1 released on March 10, 2021, on Fox and concluded on May 25, 2021. The show comprises ten episodes, with each one having a runtime of around 60 minutes. Brady’s presence of mind, along with his reputation as a terrific game show veteran, undoubtedly adds more appeal to the series. If you have watched the first season, then you must be curious about what lies ahead.

With regards to the second season, the creators and the network have not released any updates. But there are fair chances that it might get renewed. Moreover, Fox’s highest-rated show, ‘The Masked Singer,’ served as an effective lead-in to the show. Brady has further expressed his interest in hosting and executive-producing ‘Game of Talents’ to achieve a bigger vision that he has dreamt up for his production company A Wayne and Mandie Creative.

With regards to that, Brady stated, “I’m a fan of any show that puts a spotlight on talent, that lets people be seen and do their thing. When I saw the format, which was part ‘America’s Got Talent,’ part game show, I thought those are two places that I’ve got a foothold in and that I understand well.” Considering all this, there is a high chance the network might greenlight the show for another season. In case that happens, production will again take up a few more months. We can expect ‘Game of Talents’ season 2 to air sometime in 2022 if it is renewed in the next couple of months.

Game of Talents Season 2 Host and Contestants

‘Game of Talents’ season 1 features Wayne Brady as the host. His primary job is to guide the contestants through multiple rounds, testing their intuition and intellect. Since Brady is also the show’s executive producer, we’re confident that he will be back in the next season. As per the show’s format, every episode of season 1 introduces two pairs of contestants along with seven performers.

The performers can be skilled in anything ranging from the opera to illusion-making, yet one of them is a decoy who pretends to have a hidden talent. In addition, the show is open for people aged 18-100, who can apply through a casting domain accessible to all. If the upcoming season sticks to the previous format, we can expect the number of contestants and performers to remain the same.

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