Gangsters: America’s Most Evil Season 7: Premiere Date and Cast

‘Gangsters: America’s Most Evil’ is an American documentary series that first premiered on July 20, 2012, on Bio Network and after four seasons, shifted to Reelz. The show is created by Asylum Entertainment and features the profile of some of the most notorious criminals of America. These criminals are either convicted or have been killed and are infamous for different types of unethical crimes like murder, drugs, human trafficking, and racketeering.

There are many crime documentaries on different streaming channels such as Netflix, Discovery, and Investigation Discovery, like ‘Confessions of A Killer‘, ‘Conversations With A Killer‘, ‘Unmasking of A Killer‘ and more. These documentaries and series generally follow a famous serial killer or present a case in a mystery form. ‘Gangsters: America’s Most Evil’ is different from the likes of such shows. The series, instead of following a mysterious crime or a serial killer, features different infamous criminals, who are already convicted or dead.

The show has already enjoyed a solid six-season run, and fans are wondering whether ‘Gangsters: America’s Most Evil’ Season 7 will be made. We delve into that here, after sharing some of the show’s details.

Gangsters: America’s Most Evil Cast: Who’s in it?

Tim Hopper is the narrator of the show. He is known for his appearances in movies like ‘Tenderness’ and ‘To Die For’. Cornell Womack was the former narrator of the show. Womack is an American voice actor and actor known for his performances in movies like ‘The Happening’, ‘State of Play’, and ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen‘.

Apart from the narrators, the series also features different detectives, attorney generals, officers and sometimes, the criminals themselves.

Gangsters: America’s Most Evil Plot: What is it about?

The series starts with the case of Garza. Juan Raul Garza was the first drug kingpin, infamous for smuggling marijuana and other drugs from Mexico to the U.S. and vice-versa. He was also the first felon in 30 years to be targeted for death by the federal government.

The following episodes chronicle the life of different criminals like FBI’s Most Wanted Harry Bowman, leader of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, known for numerous kidnappings, blasts and more; Griselda Blanco, The Godmother, suspected for several murders and smuggling of cocaine; drug traffickers Alpo Martinez and Johnny Eng; Luis Felipe a.k.a King Blood, known for conducting brutal murders from prison, and Anthony Shea, one of the most notorious robbers.

The following seasons continue with more enthralling and chilling stories of several more criminals. The last season of the show follows the profile of the two most corrupt cops in the New York Police Department known as Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa. The two not only acted as informants for the mafia but also carried out hits for them. Interestingly, Eppolito had a small part to play in Martin Scorsese’sGoodfellas‘, as a member of the mob, but this was before the truth of his actual involvement got out.

The other episodes follow Harvey Hustlers, a dangerous gang in Harvey, New Orleans, that ruled for almost 3 decades; a cold-blooded mob hitman called Richard Kuklinski (played by Michael Shannon in ‘The Iceman’); the classic don John Gotti who was involved in almost every criminal act possible and earned the nickname Teflon Don; and the ruthless drug dealer Kaboni Savage.

Gangsters: America’s Most Evil Season 7 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Gangsters: America’s Most Evil’ Season 6 premiered on March 27, 2018, on Reelz. The show was spread across 14 episodes and the last episode released on August 15, 2018. The show features the rise and fall of some of the most dangerous and notorious criminals of America.

From hideous crimes like human trafficking to unforgivable acts of murders, there is no such felony that they have not committed. Some even have conducted their awful businesses from behind bars. The best part, however, is knowing that these criminals are no longer a threat to society.

There are many crime documentaries available on television, but if you are looking for a show that is not just based on a single criminal but a group of them, ‘Gangsters: America’s Most Evil’ is the right pick for you. The show is a straight-forward documentary with no elements of mystery or drama. Thus, the show is perfect if you are looking for something direct and informative but chilling at the same time. Simply imagine a show with a different Pablo Escobar and Ted Bundy in every episode.

While there is no news about the show’s future yet, we expect ‘Gangsters: America’s Most Evil’ Season 7 to release sometime later in 2020. However, we will keep you posted with official updates here.

Gangsters: America’s Most Evil Trailer:

Catch the clipping below to get an idea of what ‘Gangsters: America’s Most Evil’ is about.

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